Welding Machine Calibration

For quality control and repeatable performance to qualified welding procedures, it is vital that the calibration of your welding equipment meters is validated annually. Increasingly, client work is requiring subcontractors to be able to demonstrate that their machines are accurate, with supporting certification.

Weldability Sif offer a proactive annual facility, for your peace of mind. Our team of Field Service Technicians provide an on-site welding machine validation service, to BS EN 50504, resulting in a detailed report for each unit, for your records.

Each machine is inspected, vacuumed, electronically checked, weld-tested and validated at a range of output settings. The pass or failure status, together with results and observations, are reported and/or certified, and documentation is provided within 1 week.

If your local service agent cannot provide validation to BS EN 50504, try Weldability Sif today.

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