16.0MM x 430MM GOUG CARBON [x25]

16.0MM x 430MM GOUG CARBON [x25]

Our gouging carbons are designed especially for the carbon-arc metal removal process, which melts metal with an electric arc and then blows it away with a jet of compressed air. These carbons contain a precisely formulated blend of carbon and graphite that produces the most efficient metal removal performance. They offer excellent arc stability, superior metal removal rates, resistance to breakage, heat and oxidation, and provide uniform diameter and clean, slag-free grooves. They enable the efficient gouging of most metals - including carbon and ductile irons, copper, aluminium, and other high-strength alloys.

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Part Number ELC16430B
Weight 1 kg
Pack Qty
Size 16 x 430mm
Pack 25
Category carbon-arc gouging
Sub Category Gouging carbons
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Unit PACK 25
Min Quantity 1