4.0MM x 305MM GOUG CARBON [x100]

4.0MM x 305MM GOUG CARBON [x100]

Our gouging carbons are designed especially for the carbon-arc metal removal process, which melts metal with an electric arc and then blows it away with a jet of compressed air. These carbons contain a precisely formulated blend of carbon and graphite that produces the most efficient metal removal performance.
• Excellent arc stability
• Superior metal removal rates
• Resistance to breakage
• Provide uniform diameter
• Clean slag-free grooves
• Efficient gouging of most metals
• Including carbon, ductile irons, copper, aluminium,and other high-strength alloys.

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Part Number ELC04305B
Weight 1 kg
Pack Qty
Size 4.0 x 305mm
Pack 100
Category carbon-arc gouging
Sub Category Gouging carbons
Unit PACK 100
Min Quantity 1