pipe clamps

The EZQ Clamp offers the utmost in versatility and value, without compromising usability or durability. Quick, simple and easy to use, yet ‘field tough’ designed with precision cast construction and wing-nut screws that allow it to easily adjust to any specific pipe clamp requirement, quickly and accurately attaching with instant centering. Available in four sizes, from 25mm to 300mm, there is an EZQ Clamp to accommodate any situation requiring fit-ups, alignment clamps or line-up clamps. It.

Our pipe chain clamps have been designed to offer the welder the best of both worlds, firstly a clamp with the strength and ability to align and lightly reform pipes and secondly, lightweight design and construction for ease of use. • One clamp can fit a wide range of sizes • The entire circimference of the pipe can be welded without removing the clamp. • Each clamp can fit-up Elbows, Tees, Flanges, End-Caps and most other pipe fittings. • All pipe chains and screws are zinc pasivated to elimina.