Our most popular model of shaded goggle, for use in oxy/fuel welding. • This flip-up style lens holder includes clear and shade 5, 50mm round lenses.

Flexible mask goggle with indirect ventilation, adjustable elastic band. • With clear standard lens  or fog-free lens • Optical quality class 1 • Shade 3 Lens.

• Sporty soft PVC frame and adjustable wide elastic strap • Specifically designed to wear with respiratory masks and prescription spectacles • Protectis eyes from both liquid splashes and the welding arc. • Packed in 6 pcs per display box.

The frame of the goggle is made from flexible PVC, whilst the screen is manufactured from clear polyester with an anti-condensation layer. • Vented to prevent any misting from occurring. • Designed to fit comfortably and protect adequately • lightweight flexible design • Strong, resistant screen.

A clear panorama goggle for a wider field of vision. • A lightweight, comfortable design • Provides good ventilation.