gas hand equipment

The Cutting Attachment fits to an oxy/ fuel shank and features an oxy control knob and cutting oxy lever. This model is designed to fit our BUV211 Victor-style shank/handle and accommodate Series 1 (CCV) cutting nozzles.

A Shank carries oxygen and fuel gas and controls gas flow to the nozzle. A Mixer combines these gases and holds the welding nozzle. Both are available in 2 types: • The more portable ‘Lightweight’, and ‘Heavy Duty’.

A Heavy duty Mixer combines Oxygen and Fuel gases and holds the welding nozzle. Available in 2 types; the more portable ‘Lightweight’, and ‘Heavy Duty’.

DH fine welding tips and neck for use with the lightweight mixer.

The Cutting Attachment fits to an oxy/ fuel shank (pg 3) and is available in Heavy Duty and Lightweight versions. The HD model is used with ANM, PNM, ASNM and AGNM nozzles and the LW with AFN and ASFN. Both have an oxy control knob & cutting oxy lever.

Propane Superheating Equipment, Heavy Duty style Propane mixer.


Replacement headnuts for NM style universal cutters and HD and LW style cutting attachments • Used to hold the cutting nozzle in place • Sold individually.

For very fine welding and brazing applications, including the fusion welding of thin gauge sheet metal up to 1.5mm (1/16” ) and delicate lead welding. The torch is very easy to handle and generates a small, focused flame ideal for precise, heat-sensitive situations, where it is important that the heat-affected zone is kept to a minimum.

This type of torch has gained popularity and won widespread acceptance over many years of service, due to its supreme balance and ease of use. It is very manoeuvrable and generates a small, directed flame. • Ideal for use in precise, heat-sensitive applications – such as the electronics industry • This product boasts lightweight ¼” BSP inlet connection fittings.