Powder flux for silver solder operations.

Sif 101 brazing flux power is manufactured from an original Sif formula and is especially effective for Chrome-molly tube, steel, stainless steel, brazing bronze, brass, copper malleable iron and heat-resistant alloys • It aids deep penetration of filler brazing allow into the joints, resulting in high bond-strength • The flux dissolves to remove oxides rapidly • Sif 101 flux is engineered for frame builders and tube-brazing applications.

A flux used in TIG applications to shield the rear of a weld joint from oxygen contamination, dissipate heat and oxides during welding and prevent re-oxidation. • Formulated to suit stainless steel and high nickel super alloys • To apply, mix flux with methanol & brush over rear of joint • Sif Purging flux is inert, non-flammable and non-explosive • Ideal for pipe and tube welding applications • Supplied in 500g jar.

Powder flux for fusion welding of stainless.

Aluminium flux for use on lower melting point alloys. Fluxes remove surface impurities and improve the weld performance. Can form a paste by mixing with water.

An active Cast Iron Powder Flux with a working temperature range of 800-1500°C. • Sif Cast Iron Powder Flux allows for deeper penetration of the joints, resulting in higher bond strength • This Powder Flux complies to EN 1045 FH20 • Sif Cast Iron Powder Flux is designed to weld Cast Iron with a Cast Iron rod and can be used with SuperSilicon No9 and Super SG rods.

Powder flux for general brazing work.