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The SifLite Revenge is a solar powered auto-darkening welding helmet with adjustable sensitivity and delay, which helps protect the users eyes and face from the welding arc, spatter and infrared / ultraviolet radiation. A high-quality, affordable ADF welding lens and comfortable helmet solution with: • Variable shade • Large viewing area • 12 month warranty • Available in 3 striking colour options: Red and Gold, Yellow and Black and Blue and Silver.

A professional, inverter welding power-source for MMA welding. The use of IGBT technology delivers a compact and lightweight professional welding machine for most types of welding electrode. The ARC160DV has auto sensing input Voltage Detection and can be used from a 110V or 230V power supply. Incorporating a user-friendly control panel with logical layout for operation in MMA and is suitable for DC+ MMA, DC-MMA. Target applications include general fabrication, process engineering and repair mai.

The Sifgun Evolution fume extraction torch is an innovative MIG welding torch with integrated extraction at the nozzle. With the extraction so close to the weld pool, the fumes coming from the welding process are extracted immediately. As a result the user’s exposure to welding fumes is reduced by up to 95 percent.