training products

New to the VirtUWeld range, VirtUWeld LIVE is a realtime feedback system for use in welder training with real welding machine, torch and materials. VirtUWeld LIVE provides learners with realtime feedback via the travel speed indicator and in-helmet heads-up-display icons, to help develop welding biased muscle memory and provide a bridge between the simulator and fully-independent practical welding.

An industry leading, virtual reality welder training simulator featuring MIG and STICK applications. The Weldability Sif Virtuweld VR welding simulator is an educational tool designed to teach and provide the necessary training of underpining techniques related to MIG and STICK welding, within a safe virtual environment. The Virtuweld VR promotes the effective transfer of welding skills to a live welding environment while reducing the cost of classroom/workshop consumables such as metal and gas.

The Weldability Sif Fabrication and Welding Workbook provides a comprehensive introduction to all the common welding methods including oxy-acetylene welding, MMA, MIG/MAG, TIG and thermal cutting. A comprehensive Performing Engineering Operations section covers all associated subjects including Manual Handling, Electrical Safety, Fire Regulations & Workplace Welfare. Clear illustrations and sectional tests allow progress to be monitored as you go. This makes an ideal companion to our Fabricati.

Weldability Sif have developed an audio-visual welding and fabrication elearning course for both home-based learning and to compliment hands-on training in colleges and workshops. The course includes approximately 25 hours of material and gives learners the opportunity to study each of the recognised modern welding and cutting processes and gain a good knowledge of the theory, providing the foundation to progress into further practical learning. The software runs in a web browser and requires an.