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Solid shaded CE lenses in a range of shades/sizes.

A18/SG2 copper coated mild steel MIG wire for welding mild and medium tensile steels, for impact toughness down to -20C. • 0.6mm diameter on a 15kg spool • CE Certified to meet the requirements of EN1090 • Standard: EN ISO 14341-A - G 42 2 C1 /M21 3Si1.

Popular sizes for use in front of a shaded lens. • Available in a variety of different sizes.

Also called ‘O’ Clips, they are used to crimp over the ends of hoses to secure hose tails and create a gas-tight seal. • A wide range of hose sizes is catered for • Available in bags of 10 clips • Use with Hose Clip Pliers (page 21).

Strong, clear safety plates used in flip-up head shields behind filters. Meets EN166.

Our SG2-grade copper coated double-deoxidised mild steel MIG wire for welding unalloyed and low-alloyed mild and medium tensile steels. Precision layer-wound with a high-quality copper finish for improved feeding. Suitable for use in general fabrication, construction, tanks and boilers, agricultural, autobody and repair & maintenance applications.

Used to strike and maintain a TIG welding arc. In ‘red-tip’ Thoriated (DC negative) for mild & stainless steel, etc, ‘white-tip’ Zirconiated (AC) for aluminium etc, ‘grey-tip’ Ceriated (AC/DC) for a range of ferrous and nonferrous metals - with excellent ignition, and ‘black-tip’ (1%) or ‘gold-tip’ (1.5%) Lanthanated (AC/DC) for ferrous & non-ferrous metals - with good re-ignition. Pure tungsten ‘green-tip’ also available. 150mm long.

An essential weld cleaning and preparation tool with strong mild steel bristles in a smooth, shaped wooden handle Available with a variety of designs and rows.

A threaded connector used with hose nuts and tails to join 2 lengths of hose together. • Available to suit a number of different thread combinations • Left-hand (LH) versions suit fuel gases • Right-hand (RH) versions suit oxy, argon, etc..

Weldability Hi-Flex Black PVC Copper Cable. • Highly-Flexible, black PVC single-insulated cable • CE approved • Manufactured in Europe • Meets IEEE requirements • To IEC 60332-1 • True copper weight and performance to EN60228 • Priced per Mtr, supplied as 1 Reel.

Inserted into hose, to attach hose nuts. • Available for a variety of hose bore sizes • Use with hose nuts and suitable hose clips to secure in place and seal.

A water-based, silicone-free, non-toxic, non-flammable anti-spatter solution that does not contain harmful solvents which can smoke and produce harmful fumes. Does not affect weld porosity. Use to prolong tip & shroud life and to prevent adhesion of weld spatter to the area surrounding the weld zone.

When used in sequence, the three-part Flawtek system exposes cracks and flaws in a finished weld in just 10-20 minutes. • The cleaner removes residue, the penetrant seeps in to any cracks in the weld and the developer turns the penetrant pink, clearly drawing attention to any problem areas. • Use in sequence and leave for 10 to 20 minutes for best results.

Popular design of quality spring steel spark lighter, featuring a triple flint strike action. • Sold complete with fitted flint. • Replacement flints are available in a pk of 10.

Solid, rugged, design. Strong spring jaws. A full range of current sizes is available, and the popular Nevada style.

Durable roller ball tip is effective on wet and slippery surfaces. Use with confidence on virtually any non-porous surfaces, with the comfortable grip and squeeze flow control. This specially formulated paint withstands oil, grease and friction without loss in legibility or brightness! Colour: Yellow.

Specifically designed for use on galvanized steels, provides permanent, fast drying marks during fabrication. Suitable for all metal, especially effective on wet and oily surfaces • Pump Action® Technology prevents paint in barrel from drying • Ergonomic rubber Pro Grip® with reversible nibs for extended life • Colour: White.

Weldability Hi-Flex Black PVC Copper Cable. • Highly-Flexible, black PVC single-insulated cable • CE approved • Manufactured in Europe • Meets IEEE requirements to IEC 60332-1 • True copper weight and performance to EN60228 • Priced per Mtr, supplied as 1 Reel.

Popular DIN type design with a locking brass male connector and insulating rubber wall. • Full range to suit many cable sizes.

An economical red painted pistol spark lighter. • It makes use of a single flint and a trigger strike action • Comes complete with flint.

• SIFTrode 6013-R is a versatile and general purpose rutile-coated mild steel MMA electrode which runs smoothly and leaves an attractive weld bead • SIFTrode 6013-R can be confidently used on land-based steel structures and general fabrication alike.

Sets of reamers and a file for cleaning the holes in an oxy/fuel gas cutting or welding nozzle. Flip-out cases.

Used to remove welding slag. Strong, solid construction with spring handle to provide a good grip and reduce resonance. Head includes a chisel end and point. A heavy-duty model is also available to purchase.

Features strong stainless steel bristles in a smooth, shaped wood handle. Used to reduce the risk of contaminating a stainless steel weld.

Powder flux for general brazing work.

Siamese oxy/propane. Hoses, moulded together. Available in a variety of sizes.

The mini gas regulator features a 1/8" BSP inlet bottle fitting and a quick connector outlet. • It is used with disposable gas cylinders on small MIG and TIG machines • Can also be used with the Conversion Kit to adapt the quick-connector for use with the 3/8" BSP fitting typically found on industrial welding machines.

Strong, black, drop-forged spanners with integrated cylinder key, 3/8" BSP or EU 19mm jaw for common hose nuts and 5/8" BSP jaw for common regulator nuts.

A Soapstone Holder which can dispense one bar of soapstone at a time and also serves to provide solid reinforcement to the bar, which enables the user to apply greater levels of pressure to the bar without fear of it snapping. This product is sold in single unit quantities.

• The Red Superior Gauntlet gives a close comfortable fit for enhanced dexterity and an excellent grip. • The gauntlet features a 100% cotton fully lined inner for extra protection as well as to ensure comfort during wear and to prevent the glove from sticking to the skin in hot conditions. • The Red Superior Gauntlet is made from top quality leather and features a rolled cuff hem to provide extra strength and wear.

• Flat french chalk / soapstone pieces • Widely used in industry for marking • Box of 144 • 125mm x 12mm x 5mm • French chalk holder is also available.

These products are used to hold, and transmit current through an electrode in MMA welding. • The handles of these electrode holders twist (and untwist) to grip (and release) the electrode. • Twist-Grip style - handle twists to grip & release the rod. • 5mm max jaw opening.

Weldability Dual-Flex Orange Rubber D/I Copper Welding Cable. • Highly-Flexible, Heat & Oil Resistant and Flame Retardant, orange HOFR/EPR rubber double-insulated cable • CE approved • Made in Europe • Meets BS638-4 & IEEE requirements • True copper weight and performance to EN60228 • Priced per Mtr, supplied as 1 Reel.

Our ceramic particulate spatter-prevention spray-coating, designed to extend the life of contact tips and shrouds in industrial semi-automated and robotic MIG welding applications, including heavy equipment fabrication and vehicle production. CeraMIGuard out-performs regular anti-spatter sprays and increases productivity, reducing downtime • Protection of tips and shrouds in industrial MIG fabrications. • Can also be applied to jigs, fixtures & cables • Protects from spatter adhesion.

Medium-hardness abrasive discs for use with iron and mild steels • Flat or depressed centre • Available to purchase in a variety of different sizes.

A clear panorama goggle for a wider field of vision. • A lightweight, comfortable design • Provides good ventilation.

95% zinc-rich Galvax provides a cold-galvanizing coating and stops rust and corrosion caused by welding and atmospheric exposure. Zinc dust in an epoxy resin formulation produces a dry film providing years of protection. Electro-chemically bonds with iron and steel, and fuses with base metal to provide rust and corrosion resistance. Galvax sprays or brushes on cold and heals itself when scratched. Great for re-coating or spot-priming weathered galvanized surfaces and repairing areas damaged by w.

Easy-assembly, sturdy, mobile welding frames c/w 1.8m x 1.8m (6ft x 6ft) PVC curtain, CE approved to BS EN ISO 25980. • Available in Lo-vis Green, providing visibility of the arc and immediate vicinity, once illuminated • Available in Hi-vis Amber which provides good visibility of the operators activity behind the curtain • Both provide protection from UV and IR from the arc, as well as sparks and spatter from the weld • Easy to connect one frame to another to form enclosures, these welding.

Available to suit Oxygen, Argon, etc.. (RH) or Acetylene, Propane, etc.. (LH). Range includes 3/8 BSP (HD) & 1/4 BSP (LW) thread sizes.

Weldability Neoprene Black Rubber S/I HOFR Copper Welding Cable. • Flexible, Heat & Oil Resistant and Flame Retardant single-insulated black neoprene rubber sheathing • CE approved • Made in Europe • Meets IEC60245-6 & EN60974 standards • HO1N2-D / HD22.6 Grade • True copper weight & performance to EN60228 • Priced per Mtr, supplied as 1 Reel.

A popular design of oxy/ fuel gas cutting torch which is used with NM type nozzles. It features 3/8” BSP inlets, pressure control knobs and cutting oxygen lever. 18”,27”,36”,48” & 60” lengths with 90º, 75º or 180º heads.

Visor to suit the ES281000 Brow guard. • This combination provides protection to the wearer from liquid splash and medium energy particle impact • Optical quality, with visor removable protective shipping film • Comfortable brow guard with adjustable pivot headgear for all head sizes • Used in many chipping, grinding and materials handling applications to protect face and eyes.

Split rings are also available individually to connect a curtain to the frame. 1 per foot is normally required.

Direct or indirect vent shaded goggle, designed for use in oxy/fuel gas welding. • They both include a shaded lens • CE approved to EN166 & EN169.

SIFlite is a variable-shade, auto darkening welding helmet adjustable sensitivity and delay. • For MIG, Arc and TIG >50amps. • Comfortable to wear. • Large viewing area. • Shades 9 - 13.

Use with suitable hose clips to join 2 lengths of hose together without using threaded nuts and couplers. Splicers are available to suit a range of hose sizes.

The Weldability proban balaclava provides protection to the head, forehead, ears, the side of the face and the neck. • This version also has a cape which provides protection to shoulders • Worn under a headshield • The balaclava incorporates strong velcro connectors • Proban is a durable, flame retardant material.

• The Mordant Leather TIG glove is made from tough grain leather and is designed to be lightweight and comfortable to wear. The glove features a soft leather palm and fingers as well as a split leather cuff. • The glove provides fantastic dexterity to allow the easy movement of a TIG rod across the palm, and great lower arm protection. This makes the Mordant Leather TIG glove the first choice for TIG welding and metal work tasks.

Weldability Neoprene Black Rubber S/I HOFR Copper Welding Cable. • Flexible, Heat & Oil Resistant and Flame Retardant single-insulated black neoprene rubber sheathing • CE approved • Made in Europe • Meets IEC60245-6 & EN60974 standards • HO1N2-D / HD22.6 Grade • True copper weight & performance to EN60228 • Priced per Mtr, supplied as 1 Reel.

This product is clamped to the parent metal in MMA, MIG, TIG welding and Plasma Cutting to complete the weld circuit and return current to the power source. • 600A max current load. • Operated by a screw-driven jaw. • Rubber insulated handle, which cable connects through.

SG3/G4Si1 copper coated mild steel MIG wire with increased silicon and manganese for improved UTS. • 0.8mm diameter on a 15kg spool • CE Certified to meet EN1090 requirements • Standard: EN ISO 14341-A - G 42 2 C1 / 46 5 M21 4Si1.

Alternative to wooden wire brushes. Durable plastic grip handle. Available in versions with mild steel or stainless bristles.

E71-TGS is a carbon steel MIG wire that eliminates the need for shielding gas. Suited to welding thin gauge mild and galvanised steel. The use of DC straight polarity will minimise the risk of burn-through. • Ult Tensile Strength 560 MPa • Yield Strength 450 MPa • Elongation A 5d 23%.

PC clear visor replacements. The comfortable, lightweight browguard and headgear system which reduces temple pressure and improves comfort. • Swift and simple visor changes • built-in quick-lock system • clear visor provides optical quality.

Strong, drop-forged or nylon, black bottle keys. Fit valves on British type gas cylinders.

AGNM nozzles remove welds and make gouges in mild steel plate using the oxy-acetylene process with a heavy duty cutting attachment or NM type cutter.

A general purpose aluminium rod containing 5% magnesium that has excellent corrosion resistance and high strength. Suitable for welding magnesium bearing aluminium alloys such as: • 5251 (N4) • 5154 (N5) • 5454 (N51) • Also heat treatable alloys: • 6063 (H9) • 6061 (H20) • 6082 (H30).