welding brazing rods

Brazing rod containing 9% nickel, for use on cast iron, copper alloys, stainless and alloy steels. • It has excellent wearing properties and high strength making it ideal for tubular structures, brazing cutting tips and as a general maintenance alloy. • Use SIFBRONZE or SIF TOOL TIP/BRAZE STAINLESS flux.

This copper phosphorus alloy rod is self-fluxing on copper. Its good electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance make it ideal for copper tubing, switchgear, motors etc.

Copper/Phosphorus alloy with 15% silver for stressed applications. Ideal for poor fitting joints.

The phosphor bronze rod contains 7% tin and is suitable for fusion welding of phosphor bronze castings and copper alloys (brass). It is also used for TIG brazing on ferrous and dissimilar metals.

Phosphor bronze rod with 12% Tin, for improved colour match on brass and bronze.

This rod is Sifbronze No.1 with a full flux coating providing the added benefit of faster, continuous brazing through not having to flux-dip. • It is ideally suited for general mild steel work, galvanised steel and dissimilar metal applications.

This rod is Sifbronze No.2 with a full flux coating and with similar characteristics. The UTS is approximately 25% greater than Sifredicote No.1 and is ideal for high strength production and maintenance applications.

An easy flowing, high quality copper rod for full fusion welding of deoxidised copper sheet. • The finished weld is free from porosity and copper oxide inclusions • Suitable for fabrication and repairs to copper pipes, tanks etc.

A copper rod, containing: • 3% silicon and 1% manganese • Used for fusion welding materials of similar composition, copper alloys (brass) and for TIG brazing steels. • It is also suitable for surfacing steel and dissimilar metal applications.

High quality rod containing a minimum of 98.5% copper with deoxidizing elements. • It is ideal for TIG welding of copper.

A special alloy steel rod containing manganese for toughness. It provides a weld deposit of high strength and ductility. Recommended for oxy/acetylene welding of pipelines and pressure vessels.

The rod is suitable for full fusion welding of cast iron, providing a high strength weld metal which is easily machinable. • It gives an excellent colour match • Has the same structure as grey cast iron • Use SIF CAST IRON flux.