welding safety | gloves

• The Red Superior Gauntlet gives a close comfortable fit for enhanced dexterity and an excellent grip. • The gauntlet features a 100% cotton fully lined inner for extra protection as well as to ensure comfort during wear and to prevent the glove from sticking to the skin in hot conditions. • The Red Superior Gauntlet is made from top quality leather and features a rolled cuff hem to provide extra strength and wear.

• The Mordant Leather TIG glove is made from tough grain leather and is designed to be lightweight and comfortable to wear. The glove features a soft leather palm and fingers as well as a split leather cuff. • The glove provides fantastic dexterity to allow the easy movement of a TIG rod across the palm, and great lower arm protection. This makes the Mordant Leather TIG glove the first choice for TIG welding and metal work tasks.

These green, general purpose gauntlets are fully lined and constructed from green split leather with a one-piece back, welted thumb and fingers. • Suitable for general purpose welding use • They provide the advantage of being visible on either the left or right hand.

Fully-lined, green split leather with thumb, index and mitt-style fingers. • Cat 2 type product for welding.

Category 2 Welders Gauntlets. A popular glove that combines low cost and effective protection with a high quality comfortable lining. • Ideal for general purpose use.

Fully lined and padded, Skintex offer excellent protection to the wearer in MIG, Stick or Oxy/Fuel welding and in plasma or oxy/fuel cutting.

Small, aluminised, slip-on protective sleeves, worn over welding glove to provide additional protection to the hand in close-up, high-heat applications. • Ambidextrous.

Preferred for their tactility, these yellow TIG gloves are popular among welders as the fine hide design allows easy movement of a TIG rod across the palm whilst providing a comfortable fit.