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Unique magnet with ON/OFF switch design. Easy, safe setup. Ideal for round & square tube, angle and flat bar. Holds pieces at 45° or 90°. 34kg mag force.

A versatile inspection mirror with bright LED illumination adjacent to the mirror • Mirror head is extendable • Flexible neck • Ideal for inspection of pipe root, beads or restricted access areas.

When fitting hose nuts, tails and hose check valves to lengths of oxy/fuel hose, hose clips should be used to secure them in place. The flat head design of this tool makes it ideal for use in crimping the hose clips over the hose.

Satin finished, chromed steel, adjustable spanners in 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch lengths.

Suitable for a variety of applications, side cutters are essential for any welders’ toolbox. With rubber handle covers and strong jaws, the side cutters can trim filler wire and clear contact tip jams. They are drop-forged for greater reliability.

A bending and punching tool which produces a 10mm lip on 18-20 gauge mild steel or aluminium sheet. All steel construction with non-slip grips and swivel head. Push and turn head to produce 5mm holes. 290mm approx overall length and ideal for spot/mig welding car panels.

Used frequently as a temporary clamping tool to hold work pieces in place during welding, cutting, burning or heating. The strong jaws can be secured in position by the screw and lever locking combination.