tig welding | tig rods - mild steel

A copper-coated triple deoxidised mild steel rod. Used with the TIG process it enables sound porosity free welds to be made on mild and low-alloy steels. Typical applications include pipe welding and root runs on heavy vessels.

Copper coated deoxidised steel rod for TIG welding of mild steel.

A copper coated alloy steel rod containing 1.0% chromium, 0.5% molybdenum. Ideal for creep resistant steels of a similar composition.

A copper-coated alloy steel rod containing 0.5% molybdenum. Suitable for use on low temperature pressure vessel and pipe work applications.

Low carbon, double deoxidised rod for TIG welding mild steel.

A copper-coated alloy steel rod containing 2.5% chromium, 1.0% Molybdenum. It is suitable for high temperature and pressure applications on materials of similar composition.