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A 230v single phase, portable, microprocessor-controlled, manually operated spot welding machine. This unit features a new fuzzy logic control system that simplifies its use and increases the spot welding quality, by automatic adjustment of the welding time and current with respect to the thickness of the material. Suitable for spot welding sheets to a maximum thickness of 2mm to 2mm. Choose between continuous and pulsed operation (suitable for sheets with high yield points). Arm pressure can be.

A portable, single phase, manually-operated resistance spot welder that is capable of welding 1mm to 1mm maximum thickness mild steel sheets. The unit features an electronic spot weld timer, which can be adjusted by the user to suite a range of metal thicknesses, from 0.1 seconds to 1.2 seconds. Operated by the manual top lever, the unit is held via a top handle, which is made from heat insulating material, and a side handle, which can be adjusted for left hand or right hand operation. Arm press.

400v 1ph column spot welder, with pneumatic arm control. The PCP 18 is rated at 15kVA @50% (22kVA max). Welds a maximum of 3mm to 3mm mild steel. Fitted with standard 350mm arms. Includes stepless electronic thyristor output control, electronic timer, fancooled cabinet, adjustable electrode force and water-cooled arms and electrodes, which require cooling by an additional cooler. A range of arms and electrodes to suit most applications is available.