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Please note that Gasflux liquid is a collection only item. The Gasflux process makes use of a specially formulated liquid type flux compound, also known as Gasflux, which is introduced automatically into the fuel gas by means of a vapour • It is recommended for both manual and automatic applications • Works with all fuel gases • Gasflux is manufactured under rigid test requirements to guarantee its highest quality and performance.

Gas flux is specially formulated to be absorbed into the flame when welding or brazing and enhances the quality of the weld when used on brass or mild steel with silicon bronze. A bright green flame indicates the flux is in the flame. Gas fluxers can be easily maintained, regulated and refilled by one operator. • Gas fluxer unit with removeable filling tank. • Gas fluxers can be connected to the acetylene hose. • Max fuel gas pressure - 15 P.S.I.G • Working Capacity - 60 CFH • Number of to.