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Trolley suitable to accommodate the SifWeld CUT100 Power Source to provide a stable and robust transportation option.

Plasma delivers faster cutting speeds than oxy / fuel processes and leaves the cut face clean and weldable, with greatly-reduced distortion or work-hardening. • Featuring IGBT inverter technology • Engineered to consistently deliver heavy-duty cutting performance • Ideal to cut up to 30mm thick steel • Ensures exceptionally smooth, clean cuts • Comes with a quick-connect central adapter to ensure effortless connection.

A 400v 3ph plasma cutting package with HF (high-frequency) arc ignition. An electromechanical, industrial unit which cuts up to a maximum thickness of 20mm (mild steel) and cuts all types of conductive material. Features 2 cutting power settings, a built-in regulator, vapour-trap and 6m torch.