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The fixed leg pipe stand has been designed to give you the highest quality pipe stand in todays market using 32mm square tube box steel construction. Adjustable in height from 70cm to 122cm. Full 1 tonne load capacity.

The Weldability Adjustable Pipe Roller is a complete solution for pipe rotation within the workshop. Pipes up to 48” and 900kg can be rotated quickly, accurately and safely. Adjustable Pipe Rollers are fitted with dual safety locking rings, which create a safety zone around the adjustment area to minimise risk of pinch injuries. The rings also prevent the stands from slipping, even when under maximum load. The Adjustable Pipe Roller is one of the safest stands on the market. Stands are fitted .

This is a stainless steel head for a fixed leg or folding pipe stand.

This is a steel wheel head for a fixed leg or folding pipe stand.