oxy/fuel weld / cut | gas rods - brazing

Original multi-purpose Sifbronze low temperature rod for brazing and bronze welding of steels, cast iron , copper and its alloys. • Ideally suited for general mild steel work, galvanised steel and dissimilar metal applications. • Use SIFBRONZE flux.

A low-carbon mild steel rod ideal for all types of mild steel and wrought iron welding. • It is free-flowing and produces a high strength ductile weld • It is copper coated to ensure long shelf life • Particularly suitable for sheet metal panels, plates ,tubes and fittings.

The rod is suitable for full fusion welding of cast iron, providing a high strength weld metal which is easily machinable. • It gives an excellent colour match • Has the same structure as grey cast iron • Use SIF CAST IRON flux.

Super SG for full fusion welding with oxy/acetylene of Spheroidal Graphite cast iron, providing a machinable weld. • Available in 6mm and 10mm diameters.


Free flowing flux impregnated brazing rod, ideal for brazing clean mild steel.

This rod is Sifbronze No.1 with a full flux coating providing the added benefit of faster, continuous brazing through not having to flux-dip. • It is ideally suited for general mild steel work, galvanised steel and dissimilar metal applications.

A special brazing rod containing specific additions of Manganese and Tin, giving it free flowing characteristics. • It is particularly suitable for use with gas flux.

Self fluxing solder for use on Aluminium and its alloys. Separate instruction sheet available.

This copper phosphorus alloy rod is self-fluxing on copper. Its good electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance make it ideal for copper tubing, switchgear, motors etc.

A copper phosphorus alloy with the addition of 2% silver to improve ductility and flowing characteristics. • Highly resistant to corrosion and not subject to dezincification • It is ideal for hot water cylinders, electric motors and also general maintenance work.

A special alloy steel rod containing manganese for toughness. It provides a weld deposit of high strength and ductility. Recommended for oxy/acetylene welding of pipelines and pressure vessels.

Brazing rod containing 9% nickel, for use on cast iron, copper alloys, stainless and alloy steels. • It has excellent wearing properties and high strength making it ideal for tubular structures, brazing cutting tips and as a general maintenance alloy. • Use SIFBRONZE or SIF TOOL TIP/BRAZE STAINLESS flux.

Copper/Phosphorus alloy with 5% silver, having ductility and capillary flow characteristics between 17-2 AG and 17-15 AG.

This rod is Sifbronze No.2 with a full flux coating and with similar characteristics. The UTS is approximately 25% greater than Sifredicote No.1 and is ideal for high strength production and maintenance applications.

Copper/Phosphorus alloy with 15% silver for stressed applications. Ideal for poor fitting joints.

The phosphor bronze rod contains 7% tin and is suitable for fusion welding of phosphor bronze castings and copper alloys (brass). It is also used for TIG brazing on ferrous and dissimilar metals.