oxy/fuel weld / cut | cutting torches

A popular design of oxy/ fuel gas cutting torch which is used with NM type nozzles. It features 3/8” BSP inlets, pressure control knobs and cutting oxygen lever. 18”,27”,36”,48” & 60” lengths with 90º, 75º or 180º heads.

Replacement headnuts for NM style universal cutters, HD and LW style cutting attachments. Used to hold the cutting nozzle in place. Sold individually.

Heavy Duty Cutting Torch, Series Model 625. Head Angle 90amp730 and Torch length 450mm. Cuts up to 300mm steel and features: • Reverse flow check valve • To be used for cutting and gouging applications • Simply change the tip for the required use • Low pressure torch for Acetylene and Hydrogen • Solid-forged head resists abuse and distortion • Fuel gas pressure as low as 0.15 bar • Heats and cuts fast and aids lower fuel gas consumption.