mig welding | mig wire - stainless steel

A molybdenum bearing, stainless steel with low carbon content. • It is corrosion resistant for welding molybdenum bearing austenitic stainless steels.

Stainless steel filler wire suitable for welding 18/8 (304) austenitic stainless steels, providing good corrosion and wear resistance.

These MIG wire cleaning pads are engineered to clean and lubricate the wire as it passes through the wire-feeder. The red pad removes mill dust, dirt and oxides to allow the wire to feed more easily. Rusted or shop-floor contaminated wires, or wires that exhibit poor cast or helix, lose up to 60% of their drag. The system cleans and lubricates wire, improving wire feed and lengthening tip and liner life. This cleaning and lubrication also has the benefit of reducing burn-backs and arcing that us.

This is a 29.9 stainless MIG wire, suitable for difficult-to-weld steels (Mn steels, tool and spring steels), also dissimilar materials. • High resistance to weld metal cracking.

This stainless steel wire contains higher chromium and Nickel. • It can be used for joining material of similar composition and also dissimilar stainless steels.

Stainless steel wire, niobium stabilised to prevent weld decay, giving excellent corrosion resistance. Suitable for use on: • 18/8 type stainless steel • Nb and Ti stabilised, such as 304, 321 and where the weld is subjected to temperatures above 400oC.