mig welding | mig wire - brazing

A copper wire containing 3% silicon and 1% manganese used for fusion welding materials of similar composition, copper alloys (brass) and for MIG brazing steels. It is also suitable for surfacing steel and dissimilar metal applications.

This is a 92/8 aluminium bronze wire suitable for welding materials of a similar composition and copper alloys. It is ideal for MIG Brazing, dissimilar metal joints and maintenance applications.

This phosphor bronze wire contains 7% tin and is suitable for fusion welding of phosphor bronze castings and copper alloys (brass). It is also used for MIG brazing on ferrous and dissimilar metals or for applying a bearing surface.

High quality wire containing a minimum of 98.5% copper with deoxidizing elements. It is ideal for MIG welding of copper.

Nickel aluminium bronze for AB2 material and marine/corrosive applications.

A copper wire containing 2% silicon and 1% manganese. Has optimised flow characteristics and suitable for variable root gaps. Reduces weld spatter and offers increased corrosion resistance. 0.8mm Diameter supplied on a 12.5kg spool.