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When your MIG torch is not in use, you will look to store it somewhere close to your MIG welder or close to your workbench. • This stand is magnetic and will attach to a range of surfaces to support your torch where you need it • A strong, reliable design suitable for use with all our MIG and TIG torches.

Some wires are increasingly being offered on recyclable European-style wire baskets, which do not automatically fit standard wire-feeder hubs. • The re-usable K-300 coil hub adaptor allows trouble-free use of these baskets on your normal MIG equipment.

Insert the reamer into a MIG torch shroud and expand the teeth to grip the shroud from the inside. • By rotating with teeth expanded, spatter is removed from the inside of shroud and from around tip to allow the shielding gas to flow more easily.

Quickly set a consistent gap while eliminating internal misalignment. Made from stainless steel that has been tempered to increase its hardness and durability. At the business end of the tool is a flat edge which is stepped to match industry standard electrode thicknesses for gap spacing, specific to your weld procedure.


Replacement locking nut for spool hub assembly.