mig welding | mig machine accessories

2 metre length of black shielding gas hose complete with crimped 3/8 BSP RH fitting at regulator end. Unfitted Push-On at Machine End.

Allows a small 1/2kg spool of wire to be used on a wirefeed system with a 15kg hub. Ideal for small jobs, demonstrations, etc, where use of a large reel would not be practical or economical.

A 4-roll wire feed unit for use with the MTS 303/400 Power Source for MIG welding applications. • Also requires and inter-connection cable.

5m Inter-Connection cable for use with the SifWeld MTS 400 Power Source and Wire Feed Unit for MIG applications.

A water-cooler and recirculator unit for use with the MTS 250/300/400 Power Source for MIG welding applications. Also requires the water-cooled inter-connection cable assembly.

A revolutionary new product, exclusive to Weldability. Our MIG Torch Tester is designed to run a speedy health check Service of your (Euro) MIG Torches without the need to disassemble the Plug or Handle. # It allows you to detect faults quickly and easily and instantly tell you if the switch, power cable and insulation are all working OK. • Ready-to-go straight from the box. • For more information, check out our Product Demo Studio and watch our short presentation Video.