industrial safety | gloves

A more industrial version of the ‘Canadian Rigger’ style handling glove, that offers superior quality and increased protection from dirt, mild cuts and abrasion in a minimal risk handling application.

These green, general purpose gauntlets are fully lined and constructed from green split leather with a one-piece back, welted thumb and fingers and are suitable for general purpose welding use.

The popular, low-cost ‘Canadian Rigger’ style of general handling glove. Suitable for use in handling minimal-risk materials The CE approved chrome riggers offer low abrasion & piercing protection and are typically used as a more short-term disposable solution.

A competitively priced cotton-back, chrome-palm glove, designed for various uses. Incorporating a grey split leather palm, straight thumb pattern, and a gunn cut back with knitted wrist. An economy glove for general maintenance and basic minimal risk material handling.