fume extraction | fume extractor mig torches

For heavier-thickness, high-current and high-deposition butt- and lap-joint applications, this nozzle offers greater shielding gas coverage to help prevent porosity. Designed for aluminium welding only.

The standard fume nozzle supplied with your new SifGun Fume Extraction MIG Torch, suitable for most common applications. Provides focused shielding gas flow and immediate removal of fume on typical butt-, t-fillet and lap-joints.

Where space is limited and fit is tight on acute-angled fillet joints, or into steep prepped roots on heavy-thickness butt-joints, this nozzle offers better access and greater shielding gas coverage to reduce porosity. The larger extraction vents compensate for the protruding nozzle length to ensure fume removal remains optimised.

2.5m long adaptor hose to allow an FE Fume Torch to be used with the ProtectoVac Fume Extractor.