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This model has a 200watt (approx) heater which is thermostatically controlled to warm the rods between 80°C and 130°C and improve their welding performance. An indicator light will show when heating is in operation.Capable of holding a full pack of 5kg electrodes. The carry handle will serve as a stand for the quiver to rest on. The quiver is easy to load, easy to carry and is ideal for on-site use. Weighs only 5kg with a height of 50cm, providing great storage and protection for all 350mm long .

Lightweight, durable and completely portable, easy to load, easy to carry, ready to provide low cost control of welding quality in the workshop or on site. This portable drying oven can help reduce operating costs by providing operators with fast access to electrodes at the point of application. Features a 400watt heater which is thermostatically controlled to warm the rods between 60°C and 300°C. Weighs only 8kg with a rod lifter which can hold up to 18kg electrodes. Operates from 110v Mains .

Our most industrial drying oven for the storage and heating of welding rods. The stationary drying oven has the capacity to hold up to 20 packs of 5kg electrodes. The heavy-duty construction includes a durable powder-coated steel exterior, radial formed perforated shelving aiding heat convection, reinforced door, latches and handle with pockets at the base of the oven for easy transport by forklift. Operating power of 4500 Watts. Max temperature of 400°C. Operates from a 415v 3 phase mains input.