Blog | Newarc get new colours!

Newarc get new colours!

Longstanding, popular brand Newarc, who are well known for their British-made, robust, and reliable welding machines, have shed their classic orange and blue skin for a chic new grey and navy.

The rebranding comes after their partnership with well-known retailer, Weldability Sif in march 2020, alongside other industry favourites such as sifWELD and Extractability. While Newarc’s fantastic quality and programming will remain unchanged and the machines will continue to be made in the UK, the new colours will bring this staple of the welder’s arsenal into the 21st century in a stylish new way.

To celebrate this change, Newarc have released the first of many new collectable stickers available for FREE from their Instagram. The design immortalises the Viper - the tiny TIG machine with a bite! - in the clean new grey and navy with a subtle nod to the classic orange. Follow them on Instagram here: to claim your FREE sticker and stay up to date with some fantastic upcoming competitions!