Blog | Weldability Sif welcome a new managing director!

Weldability Sif welcome a new managing director!

Jonathan Burrage (left) visits the Newarc team.

It is with great excitement that Weldability Sif announce Jonathan Burrage as their new managing director following the departure of Gareth Hawkins. Jonathan brings with him a wealth of experience as a business leader as well as a proven record of modernising and boosting efficiency with digitisation to keep businesses on the cutting edge. He has a keen eye for new product development and is, in his own words, “obsessed with the delivery of true customer value at every touchpoint with our business.”

It has been a busy few years for the Weldability Sif team following the retirement of founder Adrian Hawkins and the acquisition by Indutrade AB. Weldability Sif has, however, remained steadfast and true through these changes and through the coronavirus pandemic due to their long-standing heritage, trusted brand and of course, loyal customers. The company now looks forward to aiding Britain - and the world - in a speedy economic recovery.

The whole team at Weldability Sif would like to extend their thanks to sales and marketing director, Richard Moore, for the fantastic job as interim managing director and his assistance with what has been an extremely smooth transition. Weldability Sif would be pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding this process, which can be addressed to Jonathan Burrage.