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Weldability Sif raise £150 for Garden House Hospice Care charity

Weldability Sif have raised £150 for the Garden House Hospice Care charity this Halloween with their Charity Treats event. Staff brought in a large selection of cakes, biscuits, sweets and chocolates to share, including several delicious home-made contributions. The colourful assortment of tasty treats was a big hit and the donation tin was rapidly filled with a steady stream of notes and coins. The Garden House Hospice Care charity provides specialist care and support to patients and their families in Hertfordshire, Central Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire. Their patients have often been diagnosed with a life limiting condition such as cancer, heart failure, or a neurological disorder. For detailed information and ways to donate, please visit the Garden House Hospice Care website:

Health & Safety - Pulling the trigger on welding fumes

Five months after the HSE issued a change in their guidance and enforcement expectations in relation to the control of exposure to welding fume, including fume from mild steel welding, the response and industry activity has not yet died down. The HSE have begun conducting visits to sites where welding is being carried out, along with any other business where fumes, dusts, vapours or small fibres considered detrimental to human health might be present or created. They are very keen on seeing welding fume control systematically enforced and companies who are found not in compliance with the HSE enforcement expectations can expect to be given an improvement notice, enforcement order or fine. There is no window of leniency businesses are expected to have already tackled this problem. Compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations Act 2002 means, in part, accepting that opening a window or relying on general ventilation is inadequate in terms of welding fume control. Similarly, welding outside will require at the very least, suitable respiratory protection equipment RPE. This has led to a shift towards fume extraction at-source and coincides with the emergence of a range of new, next generation fume extraction torches recently launched by Extractability, a division of Weldability Sif. The SifGun Evolution fume extraction MIG Torch is more robust than competing models, with a sturdy metal swan neck, available in a range of angles and an ergonomic, easy to manipulate, metal trigger. The brand new fume extraction concept includes improved airflow and greater visibility of the weld pool, so while the gun may look very similar, the internals have been totally upgraded. This kind of on-torch extraction offers a 95% reduction of fumes and the SifGun in particular features an optimised nozzle, which balances pressures to prevent disruption of the shielding gases. This means you can use the same shielding gas flow rates as with a standard MIG torch. You can find our new range of SifGun Evolution fume extraction torches here.

Weldability Sif - An Indutrade Company

On the 1st of March 2019, Weldability Sif was acquired by the UK business area of Indutrade AB and is now wholly-owned by the Indutrade Group. Weldability Sif, with a legacy dating from 1925, are a trusted provider of welding, cutting and fume-extraction equipment, consumables and accessories, in the UK and EMEA. Indutrade markets and sells components, systems and services with a high-tech content in selected niches, for recurring needs. Indutrade is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and achieved net sales of around €1.6bn EUR in 2018 through a structured strategy. It is proudly a decentralised organisation, characterised by an entrepreneurial spirit. Joining Indutrade provides Weldability Sif with the platform from which it can achieve its further growth objectives and enter new markets, whilst retaining its culture, team and established distribution channels. Gareth Hawkins, MD of Weldability Sif, commented “We are excited to be joining such a strong, progressive and supportive group at Indutrade, and looking forward to further improving our customer experience as we enter this new chapter of our company history.” No changes in daily operations with customers, vendors or supply-chain are envisaged as a result of this sale. Weldability founder and long-serving Chairman, Adrian Hawkins, said “Having built the business over the last 37 years, on key values of stability, reliability and technical excellence, I am delighted that its new owners share those values and will provide an ideal environment for the company to further develop, to the benefit of its loyal customers.” “We are pleased to announce our acquisition of Weldability Sif, which broadens our offering of welding products and provides additional growth opportunities in the UK and EMEA”, said Peter Rowlands, Senior Vice President of UK Business Area at Indutrade. Weldability Sif would be pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding this process, which can be addressed to Gareth Hawkins. Contact Us

What makes Weldability Sif trusted for over 90 years?

Longevity is vital in welding. That’s why welds, welders and welding products undergo such scrutiny and why highly skilled craftsmen are so vital to industry. Quality breeds trust, and reliability saves wasted time and money.No welding product manufacturer knows this better than Weldability Sif, who for more than 90 years have been trusted and relied upon by master craftsmen in the UK and across the globe, for their innovations in brazing and welding technology, for support, and for technical excellence.In today’s busy industrial market, where there are more demands than ever on quality, compliance and delivery, you need a welding product brand you can trust. Here’s why Weldability Sif are that brand:• Quality Control To ISO 9001 and EN 1347 With full, audited CE and 3rd-Party Product Approvals.• Traceability & Material Test Certification Up to EN 10204 3.1. With production consistency to BS EN 12074 and EN ISO 544.• Technical Support Metallurgists and Process Engineers on-hand to assist with up-to-date knowledge of standards, applications and safety legislation. Able to assist with welding procedures and engineering improvements.• Complete Product Range Of reliable, affordable welding machines, wires, rods, torches, fume extraction, safety products and accessories.• High UK Ex-Stock Availability Over 4,000 Pallet Bays in our modern 60,000ft Distribution Centre.• Fast, Next-Day Delivery With Dispatch Notification and Online Order Tracking.• Easy Online Ordering Shop from our range of over 3,000 products, at low market prices.• In-House Welder Training and Certification Vocational and Professional Courses, delivered by Experienced Instructors, plus Welder-Coding/Testing Services from our Qualified Welding Engineers.If you want to ensure your welding is at the most productive and cost-effective it can be, choose Weldability Sif as your preferred supplier.

Weldability Sif Foundation honoured with prize at prestigious event

Big news for The Weldability Sif Foundation, with the charity grabbing a prestigious Judges’ Award at The Welding World Awards 2018. The Foundation was honoured with The Welding World Award on the big night, a prized specially added by Judges “to recognise the forward thinking to help create a Pathway for the future of Welding and Engineering.” Commenting on the Foundation’s invaluable work, the Judges noted how it has “successfully created 36 welder training studios around the UK and developed some interesting e-learning and virtual welding tools to assist with accelerated learning within the welding industry. With over 12,000 training certificates issued via EAL to date, The Weldability Sif Foundation have clearly made a difference to our industry.” The Welding World Awards themselves are impartial, independent awards that can be won by any company operating in the welding industry, and a unique highlight in the welding industry calendar. This year festivities were hosted by TV legend Eamonn Holmes, with an evening full of music, magic and merriment taking place on April 11th at Birmingham’s Hilton Metropole Hotel. The award was collected by the Foundation’s Training Portfolio Manager Andy Thomas. Commenting on the awards, Andy Thomas said “It’s an honour to be recognised at an event like this. All the hard work has paid off, and we at the Foundation are grateful for the extra boost as we keep training Britain’s next generation of welders.”

Solving the skills gap by tackling unemployment is Weldability Sif’s latest bright idea

The welding industry is known these days for both being at the heart of the UK manufacturing sector, and an industry looking at a skills shortage with impending consequences in the future. Not as well-known yet perhaps, is the skills revolution being led by Learn to Weld, the education division of UK welding product company Weldability Sif. This Hertfordshire-based business has recently teamed up with the Department for Work and Pensions and the education provider, Learn Direct to deliver a Sector Based Work Academy SBWA in welding. ‘Get into Welding’, as the academy is known, is a six-week course providing an opportunity to study towards a Level 2 EAL ‘Performing Manufacturing Operations’. This includes MIG & TIG welding and employability support to help candidates improve their skills and employment prospects, as meeting the requirements of an SBWA. The aim of academies of this sort is to meet immediate and future recruitment needs by helping to recruit a workforce with the right skills to sustain and grow business, and “Get into Welding” is clearly no exception. In delivering the course, Learn to Weld opened up the doors of its modern Technical Training Centre TTC to a dozen unemployed jobseekers aged 19 and over. A bright and inviting studio based in Letchworth Garden City, it comes with state-of-the-art welding bays, industry-standard equipment, and a complete ‘Virtual Learning Environment.’ Candidates were referred via Letchworth Jobcentre and screened by Weldability Sif, with the successful applicants starting the academy on 6 November 2017. The results were positive for the budding welders, with David Scarrott for example being impressed by the TTC itself, a “professional place where health and safety is paramount. There’s definitely no cutting of corners.” Describing the virtual welding training suite at the TTC, David said he liked how it gave him more confidence to try welding virtually, before “doing it for real. It really does take away all the worry.” “My progression has been great,” was David’s overall conclusion on the course. “I’ve got to the position where I know if my welds are fit for commercial use, that I’ve found my own technique, and I feel confident enough to show off all my skills to future employers!” Weldability Sif is delivering welder training across the UK via its 36 FE College based welder training studios and their facility in Letchworth is adding to the pool of 11,000 welders created so far.