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Pushing the Envelope with New HSE Enforcements

It has been nearly a full year after the change in health and safety guidance for all welding fume, including mild steel welding, and The Health and Safety Executive HSE have increased their field presence in the industrial world. Many of you will have received letters from The HSE confirming that the Fabrication and Engineering sectors will be the subject of unannounced inspections which have now begun. The inspections are focused on welding fume and required control measures and look at two key areas: control measures for the release of welding fume internally, through Respiratory Protective Equipment RPE and Local Exhaust Ventilation LEV, and outside welding operations. You’ll need to put appropriate controls in place. This includes looking at how you control fumes, as all indoor welding activities will require suitable engineering controls, such as Local Exhaust Ventilation LEV and extraction. Where these alone cannot control the exposure adequately, additional controls should be implemented, such as the use of Respiratory Protective Equipment RPE to protect the welder from residual fume. A quick and easy solution for the business unsure of the effectiveness of their current fume extraction is the introduction of PAPR, air fed, welding helmets. Extractability’s Phantom Air lightweight power air-purification respirator PAPR units provide a 2-speed clean air flow of 170 lpm or 220 lpm and is fully CE rated to EN 12941 TH2, which makes them ideal to use either alone or in conjunction with other fume control measures. View Phantom Air PAPR + ADF Package Compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations Act 2002 means, in part, accepting that opening a window or relying on general ventilation is inadequate in terms of welding fume control. Similarly, welding outside will also require controls, such as suitable Respiratory Protection Equipment RPE at the very least. This RPE should be provided and employees should understand why these controls are in place and how to use the equipment safely. All equipment must also be suitable for the task at hand. There is no identified safe level of exposure, so the HSE will no longer accept any welding undertaken without suitable controls in place regarding exposure, irrespective of the duration of the task. Regardless of whether or not you have received a forewarning letter from The HSE, the time to take precautions against putting your workers’ health at risk and your business at risk of an unwelcome visit from the authorities, is now. Are you ready? Are you compliant? Contact us today for full details of our Fume Extraction solutions.

Weldability Sif Begin the Festive Season by Donating to Local Food Bank

Weldability Sif has organised a collection of non-perishable food items and donated them to the Letchworth Foodbank on Tuesday 3rd December. The Letchworth foodbank is part of The Trussell Trust’s network of 428 foodbanks, working to tackle food poverty and hunger in local communities and across the entire UK. Every day, people in the UK go hungry for reasons including redundancy, illness, receiving an unexpected bill on a low income, and giving up work to care for a family member. Foodbanks provide a vital service for people in their time of need. As the decorations go up and the festive season begins, it's important to also think about those who are looking to local charities for support. The staff at Weldability Sif teamed together and filled several boxes with tins of food, long life drinks and shampoo. Please see the website linked below for more information and details about how to find and donate to your local foodbank: Weldability Sif wish you all a happy and safe festive season!

Weldability Sif Launch New ARC160DV Dual Voltage Inverter Welder

Weldability Sif are pleased to announce the launch of their brand-new dual voltage inverter welder, released towards the end of 2019. This modern welding machine is perfect for beginners and professional welders, featuring IGBT technology it delivers a compact and lightweight efficient package for use with most types of welding electrode. It also comes supplied in a moulded carry case with earth clamp and electrode holder. Beneath its sleek design, the ARC160DV has auto sensing input Voltage detection and can be used from a 110V or 230V power supply. The machine incorporates a user-friendly control panel with logical layout for operation in MMA and is suitable for DC+ MMA, DC- MMA. The ARC160DV delivers a stable, consistent smooth welding arc. Target applications for this machine include general fabrication, sheet metal work, precision pipe work, stainless steel fabrication, process engineering and repair maintenance. You can take a closer look at the ARC160DV here.

Weldability Sif Raise £150 For Garden House Hospice Care Charity

Weldability Sif have raised £150 for the Garden House Hospice Care charity this Halloween with their Charity Treats event. Staff brought in a large selection of cakes, biscuits, sweets and chocolates to share, including several delicious home-made contributions. The colourful assortment of tasty treats was a big hit and the donation tin was rapidly filled with a steady stream of notes and coins. The Garden House Hospice Care charity provides specialist care and support to patients and their families in Hertfordshire, Central Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire. Their patients have often been diagnosed with a life limiting condition such as cancer, heart failure, or a neurological disorder. For detailed information and ways to donate, please visit the Garden House Hospice Care website:

Health & Safety - Pulling The Trigger On Welding Fumes

Five months after the HSE issued a change in their guidance and enforcement expectations in relation to the control of exposure to welding fume, including fume from mild steel welding, the response and industry activity has not yet died down. The HSE have begun conducting visits to sites where welding is being carried out, along with any other business where fumes, dusts, vapours or small fibres considered detrimental to human health might be present or created. They are very keen on seeing welding fume control systematically enforced and companies who are found not in compliance with the HSE enforcement expectations can expect to be given an improvement notice, enforcement order or fine. There is no window of leniency businesses are expected to have already tackled this problem. Compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations Act 2002 means, in part, accepting that opening a window or relying on general ventilation is inadequate in terms of welding fume control. Similarly, welding outside will require at the very least, suitable respiratory protection equipment RPE. This has led to a shift towards fume extraction at-source and coincides with the emergence of a range of new, next generation fume extraction torches recently launched by Extractability, a division of Weldability Sif. The SifGun Evolution fume extraction MIG Torch is more robust than competing models, with a sturdy metal swan neck, available in a range of angles and an ergonomic, easy to manipulate, metal trigger. The brand new fume extraction concept includes improved airflow and greater visibility of the weld pool, so while the gun may look very similar, the internals have been totally upgraded. This kind of on-torch extraction offers a 95% reduction of fumes and the SifGun in particular features an optimised nozzle, which balances pressures to prevent disruption of the shielding gases. This means you can use the same shielding gas flow rates as with a standard MIG torch. You can find our new range of SifGun Evolution fume extraction torches here.

Weldability Sif - An Indutrade Company

On the 1st of March 2019, Weldability Sif was acquired by the UK business area of Indutrade AB and is now wholly-owned by the Indutrade Group. Weldability Sif, with a legacy dating from 1925, are a trusted provider of welding, cutting and fume-extraction equipment, consumables and accessories, in the UK and EMEA. Indutrade markets and sells components, systems and services with a high-tech content in selected niches, for recurring needs. Indutrade is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and achieved net sales of around €1.6bn EUR in 2018 through a structured strategy. It is proudly a decentralised organisation, characterised by an entrepreneurial spirit. Joining Indutrade provides Weldability Sif with the platform from which it can achieve its further growth objectives and enter new markets, whilst retaining its culture, team and established distribution channels. Gareth Hawkins, MD of Weldability Sif, commented “We are excited to be joining such a strong, progressive and supportive group at Indutrade, and looking forward to further improving our customer experience as we enter this new chapter of our company history.” No changes in daily operations with customers, vendors or supply-chain are envisaged as a result of this sale. Weldability founder and long-serving Chairman, Adrian Hawkins, said “Having built the business over the last 37 years, on key values of stability, reliability and technical excellence, I am delighted that its new owners share those values and will provide an ideal environment for the company to further develop, to the benefit of its loyal customers.” “We are pleased to announce our acquisition of Weldability Sif, which broadens our offering of welding products and provides additional growth opportunities in the UK and EMEA”, said Peter Rowlands, Senior Vice President of UK Business Area at Indutrade. Weldability Sif would be pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding this process, which can be addressed to Gareth Hawkins. Contact Us