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There are a options that need consideration during this application and there are choices that need to be made depending on the size of the journal area and the shaft size. Fusion Welding may not be the best alternative as heat input on shafts can give material issues and cause distortion althogh welding of shafts can be succesfully achieved if carried out correctly.Manual Tig is not neccesserially the best option due to the welding speed and therefore heat input. A good bearing surface with TIG on steel can be achevied with our phosphor-bronze rod with 7% tin, Sifphosphor Bronze No8 - also available in MIG as SIFMIG 8..SIFsteel 312 could also be used to weld this material which is also avaliable in MigSIFmig312. On the Cast Iron our Super Silicon No9 rod provides a better weld in Oxy/Fuel gas as it is metallurgically much closer to the parent metal as it is a cast rod. The consideration here would be the size and involvement of the casting as pre and post heating would be required. Hilco Pure Nickel could also be used to effect a repair .
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