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I am sure he will find a thick charcoal deposit inside the hose where this hole appeared. Charcoal at speed does not leave any residue outside a hose given the speed and force it is traveling at.This is consistent with the end user having suffered a major flashback. The hoses are tested in accordance with EN559 and this requires a considerable force to make a small hole from the inside out certainly one greater than 60 bar or 891 PSI which is 290 times the recommended operating pressure. The flashback has found its way into the Acetylene hose as this is technically the low pressure side of the system and contains flammable gas. It has found the weakest point along the hose usually close to a hose fitting and decided to escape from the system. The end user needs to revisit his entire system and check to see what is causing this fault. This can range from faulty equipment likes blocked nozzles, faulty regulators and incorrect pressure settings for the gas nozzle.
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