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Welding Products

For over 90 years, Sif has been trusted by welders and brazers for quality wires, fluxes and equipment. The vast Weldability range of welding, cutting and safety products has a solution for every joining application.

From air-fed welding helmets, torches and regulators, to brazing rods, cored wires and industrial inverter welding machines, we are the professional welders' one-stop shop, for same-day dispatch and reliable, fast delivery.

From air-fed welding helmets, torches and regulators, to brazing rods, cored wires and welding machines, we are the professional welders' one-stop shop, for same-day dispatch and reliable, fast delivery.

Professional Training

Are you looking for a flexible, professional training and testing centre for welding skills?

As a provider of EAL vocational courses, Weldability Sif delivers a program of short, block-release or modular workshops on MIG, TIG, MMA and Gas welding processes, plus WPS welder-Coding and qualification, through to Level 4 Welding Coordinator courses, in our Technology and Training Centre near London, UK, and nationally.

Fume Extraction

Fume and dust exposure from industrial applications presents health risks that must be managed and reduced. Our Extractability division provides specialist fume-control solutions with a full range of mobile, at-source, or fixed/ducted filtering systems, extraction arms and vent-to-atmosphere fans. The Extractability team also carry out on-site testing and certification and offer Workplace Monitoring solutions for your peace of mind.

Our Extractability division provides specialist fume-control solutions with a full range of mobile, at-source, or fixed/ducted filtering systems, extraction arms and vent-to-atmosphere fans.

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The sifWELD MTS200SYN is a professional, microprocessor-controlled inverter welding power-source for MIG, MMA & Lift-TIG applications on/off site. Using the built in Synergic facility the machine will automatically give the optimum welding parameters for the specific material, wire size and shielding gas. Featuring IGBT technology and providing a lightweight, multi-process machine. An integral wire feed system accommodates 5kg wire spools. Package includes: • sifWELD Evolution MTS200SYN PFC LCD • 1S 2G Argon regulator • Hose clip 9/16 (13-15mm) • Sifgun 200A MIG 12Fft/4m Euro.

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The SifLite Revenge is a solar powered auto-darkening welding helmet with adjustable sensitivity and delay, which helps protect the users eyes and face from the welding arc, spatter and infrared / ultraviolet radiation. A high-quality, affordable ADF welding lens and comfortable helmet solution with: • Variable shade • Large viewing area • 12 month warranty • Available in 3 striking colour options: Red and Gold, Yellow and Black and Blue and Silver.

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Room monitoring system with Wi-Fi. Records, depicts and acts on the current values of room temperature, humidity, particulate pollution and volume levels. Temp -10C to +60C, Humidity 10% to 95%, Fine dust 0 mg/m3 to 30mg/m3, (precision +/- 0. 1mg/m3), Noise level 40 db to 140 db.

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ProtectoXtra mobile extraction system for filtration of particulate fumes and dust. The ProtectoXtra incorporates a cleanable, reusable PTFE cartridge filter for improved economic operations. The ProtectoXtra is supplied with a 3 metre extraction arm, hose with external joints and provides air movement of 1200 m3/h. The PTFE cartridge filter comes already installed. The ProtectoXtra is a single phase 1. 1Kw mobile unit, weighing 170kg and is supplied on swivel casters for manoeuvrability.

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Services & Education


1941 sifTIPS advice to women in welding: Proud to say, we've come a long way from this!

Since the beginning, sif has been a champion of women in welding, but when a brand has been running for as long as this one has, things are bound to need updating a little. While the team were deep in the sifTIPS archives this week we came across an advice column from 1941 onwards featuring Winnie the Welder offering handy tips to women new to the welding world as part of the war effort. Most of the suggestions focused on whether it was important to maintain your femininity while working and what hurdles to this end professionals could expect to face - rather than actual welding tips. Once in a while, we all need to have a good laugh at ourselves, so we’ve chosen our favourites to share with you below! Attire: As much as one dislikes seeing women in trousers, it seems to be the general opinion that for welding in factory conditions, trousered overalls of the bib and brace type are more suitable than skirts and silk stockings the trousers give protection to the legs against sparks and hot falling metal. Care of hands: Welding will not spoil your hands but to keep them soft and attractive wash them regularly and use a well-known brand of cream after the day’s work is over. Nails will not get damaged if kept well-trimmed and not too long. Care of hair: There is always a certain amount of dust in any factory, so it is advisable to wear a dark coloured bandeau or beret. A good hair rinse twice a week and regular daily brushing night and morning will keep your hair silky and fresh. The regular movement of goggles during a day’s work will spoil the most permanent of hair waves and for this reason it has been found that a head cover of the beret type affords best protection whilst still retaining that feminine charm. Care of eyes: Goggles must be worn and are generally provided. As an extra aid a daily douche with a well-known eye lotion is a good tonic, although not essential. Most girls are at first somewhat apprehensive about the daily use of welding goggles and they generally fear that their eyesight may be impaired there is no need to worry on this score providing that they are supplied with a pair of goggles fitted with Protex grade A glasses to B.S. Specification 679. These glasses are a light shade of green and are especially recommended to give 100% eye protection when used on light gauge sheet metal welding, sifBRONZE welding and aluminium welding. Grade B Protex glasses are a darker shade of green for heavy oxy-acetylene welding, but these are rarely used by girls. Don’t forget to check our social channels for a few more throwbacks as we uncover them, and we look forward to better supporting the whole welding force with some actual advice - we promise!

Weldability Sif release new sifWELD Evolution range of welding and cutting machines

We are very pleased to announce the long-awaited release of our revolutionary range of sifWELD Evolution welding and cutting machines earlier this year. We listened carefully to the feedback we’ve received in the past and have been secretly working on this range for a long time, because we wanted to get it right. The all new sifWELD Evolution range of MIG welding machines combine the very latest inverter dual pulsed technology check back for our next post on why this is important with synergic programmes designed to take the guess work out of finding the optimum welding parameters for the specific material, wire size and shielding gas, including optimum MIG welding of aluminium and options for MIG Brazing, while MIG Manual mode gives the operator full control of all available settings and most models have a supervisor lock for specific welding settings. They also feature IGBT technology, providing ideal, lightweight, multi-process machines. The sifWELD Evolution TIG range combines aerospace technology and optimised ergonomics to create a smooth and powerful TIG performance with a simple, intuitive interface. These machines provide smooth operation, with pulsing function up to 999Hz, for excellent control of your weld bead on Aluminium, steel, stainless, copper and titanium. The combination of Aerospace technology and high-end features in these machines would usually price them out of the market but you’ll be surprised by how affordable the sifWELD Evolution packages are. Finally, the range’s plasma cutters offer a smooth and reliable cutting arc controlled by a simple, easy-to-use interface, with a single point of control. The included air regulator and vapour-trap make it totally user-friendly. The display allows you to select and adjust your cutting power and view any error messages identified by the machine’s intelligent circuitry. These smart plasma cutting units detect insufficient compressed-air supply, arc failure, missing shield cup or electrode, or short-circuiting of the torch to the workpiece, and display this information clearly to the user, enabling the issue to be quickly rectified. The whole sifWELD Evolution range features large colour LCD displays on the power sources and wire feed units where applicable, with each display offering a simple, intuitive interface, where you can adjust all the settings you need. Click here to discover the new range of sifWELD Evolution machines for yourself.

Weldability Sif welcome a new managing director!

It is with great excitement that Weldability Sif announce Jonathan Burrage as their new managing director following the departure of Gareth Hawkins. Jonathan brings with him a wealth of experience as a business leader as well as a proven record of modernising and boosting efficiency with digitisation to keep businesses on the cutting edge. He has a keen eye for new product development and is, in his own words, “obsessed with the delivery of true customer value at every touchpoint with our business.” It has been a busy few years for the Weldability Sif team following the retirement of founder Adrian Hawkins and the acquisition by Indutrade AB. Weldability Sif has, however, remained steadfast and true through these changes and through the coronavirus pandemic due to their long-standing heritage, trusted brand and of course, loyal customers. The company now looks forward to aiding Britain - and the world - in a speedy economic recovery. The whole team at Weldability Sif would like to extend their thanks to sales and marketing director, Richard Moore, for the fantastic job as interim managing director and his assistance with what has been an extremely smooth transition. Weldability Sif would be pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding this process, which can be addressed to Jonathan Burrage.

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