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Welding Products

For over 90 years, Sif has been trusted by welders and brazers for quality wires, fluxes and equipment. The vast Weldability range of welding, cutting and safety products has a solution for every joining application.

From air-fed welding helmets, torches and regulators, to brazing rods, cored wires and industrial inverter welding machines, we are the professional welders' one-stop shop, for same-day dispatch and reliable, fast delivery.

From air-fed welding helmets, torches and regulators, to brazing rods, cored wires and welding machines, we are the professional welders' one-stop shop, for same-day dispatch and reliable, fast delivery.

Professional Training

Are you looking for a flexible, professional training and testing centre for welding skills?

As a provider of EAL vocational courses, Weldability Sif delivers a program of short, block-release or modular workshops on MIG, TIG, MMA and Gas welding processes, plus WPS welder-Coding and qualification, through to Level 4 Welding Coordinator courses, in our Technology and Training Centre near London, UK, and nationally.

Fume Extraction

Fume and dust exposure from industrial applications presents health risks that must be managed and reduced. Our Extractability division provides specialist fume-control solutions with a full range of mobile, at-source, or fixed/ducted filtering systems, extraction arms and vent-to-atmosphere fans. The Extractability team also carry out on-site testing and certification and offer Workplace Monitoring solutions for your peace of mind.

Our Extractability division provides specialist fume-control solutions with a full range of mobile, at-source, or fixed/ducted filtering systems, extraction arms and vent-to-atmosphere fans.

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The SifLite Revenge is a solar powered auto-darkening welding helmet with adjustable sensitivity and delay, which helps protect the users eyes and face from the welding arc, spatter and infrared / ultraviolet radiation. A high-quality, affordable ADF welding lens and comfortable helmet solution with: • Variable shade • Large viewing area • 12 month warranty • Available in 3 striking colour options: Red and Gold, Yellow and Black and Blue and Silver.

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Professional Quality MMA Arc Welder, Digital Control, Switchable Lift Tig feature. Exceptional Welding performance of all types of Welding Electrodes including Cellulosic. This SifWeld ST180 PRO welding machine adopts the latest pulse width modulation (PWM) technology and insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) inverter technology whilst being portable, small in size, light weight, and with low consumption. The machine has excellent performance in MMA and TIG mode. In MMA mode the following can be controlled: arc starting current arc force and the welding current parameters also can be adjusted separately, the welding mode can select by “welding mode selective switch” the welding parameters can be adjusted by the “selection knob”. This machine has an intelligence protection function inside, such as over-voltage, low-voltage, over-current, low-current. When the machine shows any failures, the alarm pilot light in the front panel will light, it will cut the output current and play the role of self-protection and prolong the service life. Both MMA and TIG mode both display excellent arc characteristics. This welding machine is suitable for all position welding of a wide range of materials including aluminium, stainless steel, carbon steel, alloyed steel, titanium and is ideal for pipework, tool die/mould repair, petrochemical, architectural, car repair, bicycle, handicraft and general fabriction.

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A digital thermometer with laser targeting and temperature detection via infrared, operated via trigger control • Ideal for preheating, interpass temperature measurement and controlled-cooling tasks • Can be used on practically all solid surfaces • Battery-operated • LCD screen.

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Weldability Sif - An Indutrade Company

On the 1st of March 2019, Weldability Sif was acquired by the UK business area of Indutrade AB and is now wholly-owned by the Indutrade Group. Weldability Sif, with a legacy dating from 1925, are a trusted provider of welding, cutting and fume-extraction equipment, consumables and accessories, in the UK and EMEA. Indutrade markets and sells components, systems and services with a high-tech content in selected niches, for recurring needs. Indutrade is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and achieved net sales of around €1.6bn EUR in 2018 through a structured strategy. It is proudly a decentralised organisation, characterised by an entrepreneurial spirit. Joining Indutrade provides Weldability Sif with the platform from which it can achieve its further growth objectives and enter new markets, whilst retaining its culture, team and established distribution channels. Gareth Hawkins, MD of Weldability Sif, commented “We are excited to be joining such a strong, progressive and supportive group at Indutrade, and looking forward to further improving our customer experience as we enter this new chapter of our company history.” No changes in daily operations with customers, vendors or supply-chain are envisaged as a result of this sale. Weldability founder and long-serving Chairman, Adrian Hawkins, said “Having built the business over the last 37 years, on key values of stability, reliability and technical excellence, I am delighted that its new owners share those values and will provide an ideal environment for the company to further develop, to the benefit of its loyal customers.” “We are pleased to announce our acquisition of Weldability Sif, which broadens our offering of welding products and provides additional growth opportunities in the UK and EMEA”, said Peter Rowlands, Senior Vice President of UK Business Area at Indutrade. Weldability Sif would be pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding this process, which can be addressed to Gareth Hawkins. Contact Us

What Makes Weldability Sif Trusted For Over 90 Years?

Longevity is vital in welding. That’s why welds, welders and welding products undergo such scrutiny and why highly skilled craftsmen are so vital to industry. Quality breeds trust, and reliability saves wasted time and money.No welding product manufacturer knows this better than Weldability Sif, who for more than 90 years have been trusted and relied upon by master craftsmen in the UK and across the globe, for their innovations in brazing and welding technology, for support, and for technical excellence.In today’s busy industrial market, where there are more demands than ever on quality, compliance and delivery, you need a welding product brand you can trust. Here’s why Weldability Sif are that brand:• Quality Control To ISO 9001 and EN 1347 With full, audited CE and 3rd-Party Product Approvals.• Traceability & Material Test Certification Up to EN 10204 3.1. With production consistency to BS EN 12074 and EN ISO 544.• Technical Support Metallurgists and Process Engineers on-hand to assist with up-to-date knowledge of standards, applications and safety legislation. Able to assist with welding procedures and engineering improvements.• Complete Product Range Of reliable, affordable welding machines, wires, rods, torches, fume extraction, safety products and accessories.• High UK Ex-Stock Availability Over 4,000 Pallet Bays in our modern 60,000ft Distribution Centre.• Fast, Next-Day Delivery With Dispatch Notification and Online Order Tracking.• Easy Online Ordering Shop from our range of over 3,000 products, at low market prices.• In-House Welder Training and Certification Vocational and Professional Courses, delivered by Experienced Instructors, plus Welder-Coding/Testing Services from our Qualified Welding Engineers.If you want to ensure your welding is at the most productive and cost-effective it can be, choose Weldability Sif as your preferred supplier.