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Welding Products

For over 90 years, Sif has been trusted by welders and brazers for quality wires, fluxes and equipment. The vast Weldability range of welding, cutting and safety products has a solution for every joining application.

From air-fed welding helmets, torches and regulators, to brazing rods, cored wires and industrial inverter welding machines, we are the professional welders' one-stop shop, for same-day dispatch and reliable, fast delivery.

From air-fed welding helmets, torches and regulators, to brazing rods, cored wires and welding machines, we are the professional welders' one-stop shop, for same-day dispatch and reliable, fast delivery.

Professional Training

Are you looking for a flexible, professional training and testing centre for welding skills?

As a provider of EAL vocational courses, Weldability Sif delivers a program of short, block-release or modular workshops on MIG, TIG, MMA and Gas welding processes, plus WPS welder-Coding and qualification, through to Level 4 Welding Coordinator courses, in our Technology and Training Centre near London, UK, and nationally.

Fume Extraction

Fume and dust exposure from industrial applications presents health risks that must be managed and reduced. Our Extractability division provides specialist fume-control solutions with a full range of mobile, at-source, or fixed/ducted filtering systems, extraction arms and vent-to-atmosphere fans. The Extractability team also carry out on-site testing and certification and offer Workplace Monitoring solutions for your peace of mind.

Our Extractability division provides specialist fume-control solutions with a full range of mobile, at-source, or fixed/ducted filtering systems, extraction arms and vent-to-atmosphere fans.

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The Sifgun Evolution fume extraction torch is an innovative MIG welding torch with integrated extraction at the nozzle. With the extraction so close to the weld pool, the fumes coming from the welding process are extracted immediately. As a result the user’s exposure to welding fumes is reduced by up to 95 percent.

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The SifLite Revenge is a solar powered auto-darkening welding helmet with adjustable sensitivity and delay, which helps protect the users eyes and face from the welding arc, spatter and infrared / ultraviolet radiation. A high-quality, affordable ADF welding lens and comfortable helmet solution with: • Variable shade • Large viewing area • 12 month warranty • Available in 3 striking colour options: Red and Gold, Yellow and Black and Blue and Silver.

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A professional, inverter welding power-source for MMA welding. The use of IGBT technology delivers a compact and lightweight professional welding machine for most types of welding electrode. The ARC160DV has auto sensing input Voltage Detection and can be used from a 110V or 230V power supply. Incorporating a user-friendly control panel with logical layout for operation in MMA and is suitable for DC+ MMA, DC-MMA. Target applications include general fabrication, process engineering and repair maintenance. Supplied in a Moulded Carry Case with Earth Clamp and Electrode Holder. • Input Voltage 110v (5kVA) / 230v (16A) • Duty Cycle 120A @ 60% (230V) • Open-Circuit Volts 85V • Usable Welding Rods 1. 6mm – 3. 2mm

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New era for Newarc under Weldability Sif

Weldability Sif are pleased to announce the purchase of the business of the Newarc group of companies, including Newarc Newcastle Ltd, Newarc Aberdeen Ltd, Newarc Exports Ltd and Newarc Ltd, the assets, operations and staff of which have now transferred to Weldability Sif, helping to save seventeen jobs. Newarc - since its inception in 1973 - has established a strong reputation as a British manufacturer of robust and reliable welding machines, with heavy duty cycle designed for a challenging environment such as: R5000 series CC/CV industrial inverter power sources, RT2500 dual voltage single phase TIG welder and the Viper universal DC HF TIG conversion unit. Newarc are trusted by customers internationally in the offshore, petrochemical, marine and defence fabrication sectors, and has delivered a suite of welding and industrial products and services from its facilities in Newcastle and Aberdeen, including comprehensive equipment hire and machine validation/calibration and maintenance services. By joining forces, Newarc provides Weldability Sif with stockholding, demonstration and service locations in the North-East of England and the North-East of Scotland, to better support its network of Distributors and further assist its Product Users. In turn, by becoming part of Weldability Sif, Newarc joins the wider Indutrade group, benefiting from the strength and sustainability of a rapidly growing international industrial corporation. It is Weldability Sif's intention to support the hardworking Newarc team in delivering customers the professional quality of service that Newarc and Weldability Sif are each known for.

Pushing the envelope with new HSE enforcements

It has been nearly a full year after the change in health and safety guidance for all welding fume, including mild steel welding, and The Health and Safety Executive HSE have increased their field presence in the industrial world. Many of you will have received letters from The HSE confirming that the Fabrication and Engineering sectors will be the subject of unannounced inspections which have now begun. The inspections are focused on welding fume and required control measures and look at two key areas: control measures for the release of welding fume internally, through Respiratory Protective Equipment RPE and Local Exhaust Ventilation LEV, and outside welding operations. You’ll need to put appropriate controls in place. This includes looking at how you control fumes, as all indoor welding activities will require suitable engineering controls, such as Local Exhaust Ventilation LEV and extraction. Where these alone cannot control the exposure adequately, additional controls should be implemented, such as the use of Respiratory Protective Equipment RPE to protect the welder from residual fume. A quick and easy solution for the business unsure of the effectiveness of their current fume extraction is the introduction of PAPR, air fed, welding helmets. Extractability’s Phantom Air lightweight power air-purification respirator PAPR units provide a 2-speed clean air flow of 170 lpm or 220 lpm and is fully CE rated to EN 12941 TH2, which makes them ideal to use either alone or in conjunction with other fume control measures. View Phantom Air PAPR + ADF Package Compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations Act 2002 means, in part, accepting that opening a window or relying on general ventilation is inadequate in terms of welding fume control. Similarly, welding outside will also require controls, such as suitable Respiratory Protection Equipment RPE at the very least. This RPE should be provided and employees should understand why these controls are in place and how to use the equipment safely. All equipment must also be suitable for the task at hand. There is no identified safe level of exposure, so the HSE will no longer accept any welding undertaken without suitable controls in place regarding exposure, irrespective of the duration of the task. Regardless of whether or not you have received a forewarning letter from The HSE, the time to take precautions against putting your workers’ health at risk and your business at risk of an unwelcome visit from the authorities, is now. Are you ready? Are you compliant? Contact us today for full details of our Fume Extraction solutions.

Weldability Sif begin the festive season by donating to local food bank

Weldability Sif has organised a collection of non-perishable food items and donated them to the Letchworth Foodbank on Tuesday 3rd December. The Letchworth foodbank is part of The Trussell Trust’s network of 428 foodbanks, working to tackle food poverty and hunger in local communities and across the entire UK. Every day, people in the UK go hungry for reasons including redundancy, illness, receiving an unexpected bill on a low income, and giving up work to care for a family member. Foodbanks provide a vital service for people in their time of need. As the decorations go up and the festive season begins, it's important to also think about those who are looking to local charities for support. The staff at Weldability Sif teamed together and filled several boxes with tins of food, long life drinks and shampoo. Please see the website linked below for more information and details about how to find and donate to your local foodbank: Weldability Sif wish you all a happy and safe festive season!