Gas Equipment CP7 Testing & Tagging

Dangers such as fire, explosion, self-ignition, asphyxiation and poisoning are associated with compressed gases, depending on the type and conditions of gas used.

The UK Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations stipulate that equipment should be fit-for-purpose, maintained in a safe condition and regularly inspected by a 'competent person' with records kept. Furthermore, most insurance companies now insist on competent maintenance and documented annual inspection of compressed gas equipment for welding and cutting.

The British Compressed Gases Association Code of Practice #7 (CP7) gives valuable technical guidance on the safe use, inspection and maintenance of compressed Oxy-Fuel Gas Equipment (individual portable or mobile cylinder supply).

Gas Equipment

Our team of Field Service Technicians provide an on-site inspection, testing and tagging service for your portable, compressed welding and cutting gas equipment, which includes proactive annual reminders and a documented record of each station inspected, with observations and pass/fail status, for your files.

Trust Weldability Sif, to help you keep your compressed gas equipment tracked, safe and compliant, annually. Book a CP7 Gas Equipment Inspection Visit from one of our Technicians today.