Fume Extraction

Fume Extraction

Extractability is the dedicated division of Weldability Sif responsible for fume-extraction and workplace environment solutions. As a provider of approved DGUV/IFA (Institute of Occupational Health Standards) fume control solutions, Extractability offer everything from the design through to installation, commissioning and ongoing servicing of mobile and fixed equipment.

The Extractability product range includes both vacuum filtration systems, dust extractors, extraction fans, air filters, flexible hoses, extraction arms and downdraft benches, with solutions for the mobile welder through to the largest of fabrication workshops.

Our Best-Selling Mobile Fume-Extractors


ProtectoXtract is a BGIA approved mobile high-vacuum extraction system for filtration of particulate fumes, dusts and some gases. The ProtectoXtract uses a 5-stage filtration system, with replaceable filters and is quiet in operation (<68dB[A]). The ProtectoXtract is supplied with 3m suction arm, hose with internal joints, filter and provides air movement of 2500 m3/h. Compliant with DIN EN ISO 15012-1, so is suitable for category W3 stainless welding fumes (>30% Ni+Cr). The ProtectoXtract is a mobile unit, weighing only 80kg and is supplied on swivel casters for manoeuvrability. Operates from a 110v mains input supply. Includes innovative ProtectoSpark mobile spark suppressor for welding and grinding applications.


The ProtectoVac Max is quality, low-cost, highly portable extraction unit. Designed for extraction of fumes and dust directly at the source. Integrated filter cleaning system removes the ongoing cost of filter disposal. The ProtectoVac Max filter can be manually cleaned, and the filtered material captured in a bin. 110V or 230V, powered by a powerful single-phase motor. Automatic stop/start available. 15 litre detachable dust collection chamber with handle. Metal pre-filter stops sparks. Castors for easy manoeuvrability. Suitable for use in the workshop, demonstrations, training bay, garage and on site.


Two inlets 160mm. The filter unit is made of a stable steel sheet construction. The complete powder coating of the housing guarantees a maintenance-free operation even under hard operating conditions.Technical data Fan performance m/h 3.500. Pressure Pa 2.500. Pre-filter M5. Main-filter F9. Motor performance kW 2,2. Power supply V/Hz 400 / 50. Power intake A 5. Type of current 3PhNPE. Noise level dBA ca. 72. Measurements W x D x H mm 665 x 681 x 995. Weight kg approx. 136.


ProtectoAir is a BGIA approved mobile fume filter type UPF-BIA class W3 incorporating a separator. This mobile unit weighs only 130 kg and is supplied on swivel castors for manoeuvrability. A heavy duty long life mobile fume extractor for use with unalloyed steel, precious metals, galvanised material and aluminium. Due to its manual cleanable filter the ProtectoAir is perfect for processes where large amounts of fume are generated.


SifVac twin motor unit for double operation SifVac is an ideal modular unit that can be modified or purpose-built for specific applications to support the extraction of fumes and dust directly at the source A must for limited spaces that require a compact unit with a small footprint. When filtration efficiency is needed, the SifVac will return clean air back into the workplace. 230V, powered by a powerful single-phase motor 110V also available Metal pre-filter stops sparks All models feature an M-class filter for high efficiency Integrated filter cleaning system removes the ongoing cost of filter disposal. The SifVac filter can be manually cleaned and the filtered material captured in a bin Automatic stop/start available Castors for easy manoeuvrability Multiple configurations available including a twin motor unit for double operation and a brushless turbine motor for a continuous-rated, maintenance-free solution Choice of 15 or 20 litre detachable dust collection containers Optional brush kit (means SifVac can also be used as vacuum cleaner to clean up the workshop at the end of the day) Suitable for use with the SifGun Fume Extraction Torch, a MIG Welding Torch with integrated extraction at the nozzle which eliminates the fumes before they enter the breathing zone

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The SifGun fume extraction MIG torch is designed for use in applications which generate a large amount of fume, but the location of the weld joints makes it difficult to access with general extraction equipment. The fume nozzle is optimised to ensure maximum extraction efficiency at source A range of nozzle sizes are available This model is air-cooled With lightweight cable, flexible handle and leather sheath A larger air-cooled 300A model and a water-cooled 500A version are also available Available in the UK and Ireland.

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Innovative Fume-Control Solutions For Factories

1.2M-2.06M X 150MM EXTRACTION ARM Image

1.2m - 2.06m long x 150mm diameter telescopic hose type suction arm with internal support structure.

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The ProtectoCube product line is a filter unit equipped with filter cartridges applicable for nearly every task in the area of fume and dust filtration. The polluted air is extracted by means of the ventilator and guided towards the filtering section. The toxic particles are deposit on the surface of the filter cartridges. The cartridges are cleaned automatically by compressed air. The particles deposited on the cartridge are detached by the compressed air blast and reach a dust collecting tank. The cleaned air is recycled to the working space without any heat loss.


Room monitoring system with Wi-Fi. Records, depicts and acts on the current values of room temperature, humidity, particulate pollution and volume levels. Temp -10C to +60C, Humidity 10% to 95%, Fine dust 0 mg/m3 to 30mg/m3, (precision +/- 0.1mg/m3), Noise level 40 db to 140 db.

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