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VirtUweld VR Welding Simulator

Virtual welding gives students a chance to experience welding in a safe environment while using 21st Century technology to engage and get them excited about potential careers. The virtual environment is far easier for untrained students to adjust to welding for the first time, while instructors can remain focused on skill development along with cost saving on consumables.


Peer competition encourage students to continue enhancing their techniques and ability; it enables them to build muscle memory and acts as a training aid for students to reference as they enter the workshop to perform real welding.


Integrating virtual welding to the curriculum enables students to increase the amount of practice time, giving immediate feedback on areas that need improvement and percentage increases indicating progress with good practice.



VirtUweld VR LIVE

  • The live guidance system helps users maintain proper welding position, speed and technique whilst welding using real MIG welding equipment.

  • Immediate in-helmet feedback.

  • VirtUweld Live connects to any MIG welding torch.







VirtUweld is the ideal companion to the Weldability sif eLearning package and provides an opportunity to virtually weld coupons in an immersive environment. The user can select from either mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium in a range of welding configurations.


Based on the variables selected, VirtUweld produces a Weld Procedure Specification (WPS) which includes details of process, consumable, gas mixture, heat treatment and welding parameters for real world application


Once the test weld has been completed, not only can it be replayed to identify areas of improvement, but a weld log file can be stored and VirtUweld will provide an assessment of the weld performance based on manual dexterity and weld metallurgy.


The weld log file is also stored in the VirtUweld Cloud and can be re-called and analysed at any time to record and demonstrate the welders progress. VirtUweld will dramatically reduce raw material costs and the use of physical test coupons is kept to a minimum.


This revolutionary training simulator can be used for:


  • Basic welder training
  • Recruitment weld testing
  • Evaluation for trainers
  • An engaging attraction at careers fairs


VirtUweld also serves as a useful teaching aid with screen output mirroring to a TV or Projector. The VirtUweld package comes as a ready to use system including 20" touch screen PC with pre-installed software, three weld coupons (butt, lap & tee joint) and welding simulation module.  This system only requires a 230v socket and internet connection.

Live View

Screen View

eLearning - Welding & Fabrication

The Weldability Sif Foundation supports the delivery of Welding & Fabrication training at centres and Colleges nationwide, to industry recognised standards.


We have developed an audio-visual Welding and Fabrication eLearning tutorial for both home-based learning and to compliment hands-on College/workshop based training.


This software will guide you through the range of common welding processes and enable you to put your new skills into practice in the safety of a 3D interactive virtual workshop environment.


Weldability Sif’s new cloud-based eLearning platform allows you to complete your training just about anywhere.  This audio-visual welding and fabrication eLearning course can be used for both home-based learning and to compliment hands-on training in colleges and workshops.


Rather than being stuck in an endless loop of scrolling through TikTok videos or binge-watching Riverdale on Netflix for the sixth time, learners interested in welding, or perhaps waiting to begin a new job in the sector, could be studying each of the recognised modern welding and cutting processes and gaining a good knowledge of the theory. This would provide the foundation to progress into further practical learning and a reliable job in a rewarding, vital industry.


The course covers modules such as the Health and Safety at Work Act, which aims to stimulate and encourage high standards of health and safety in places of work, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), safety signs, Control Of Substances Hazardous To Health (COSHH), working at heights, basic first aid, manual handling, risk assessments, fire protection, electrical safety, workplace welfare, provision and use of work equipment, managing yourself and working relationships and commination and interpretation of information, before going on to cover the welding processes, their uses and the technique behind them.


Workbook - Welding & Fabrication

The Weldability Sif Fabrication and Welding Workbook provides a comprehensive introduction to all the common welding methods including oxy-acetylene welding, MMA, MIG/MAG, TIG and thermal cutting.


A comprehensive performing engineering operations section covers all associated subjects including manual handling, electrical safety, fire regulations  and workplace welfare. Clear illustrations and sectional tests allow progress to be monitored as you go.


This makes an ideal companion to our Fabrication & Welding eLearning DVD.



The welding and fabrication eLearning programmes that are also available sit alongside this workbook offers a different method of learning.


With technology playing an increasingly important part of everyday life, eLearning uses visually rich 2D and 3D graphics/animation, audio, video, text and interactive quizzes, to allow you to engage with the content and lantern at your own pace and in your own time.


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