Case Study

Goole College is a uniquely placed local college focusing on the requirements of local students. However in some ways not always getting the attention they deserved.


As Cliff Allen, the Technical Development Consultant for the Weldability-Sif Foundation met Mark Shannon and David Haycock at the main Hull College campus and explained the benefits and the vision of what the Weldability-Sif  Foundation were already achieving It was David Haycock who could see the business case to improve facilities at Goole College.


Hull/Goole college

One of the main driving factors for David was because  the power supply into the welding and fabrication workshop was under powered and could only operate  a few welding machines at a time. David could see the benefits of eLearning and virtual welding which was presented to him working in the classroom.


The fact that these techniques provided the skills and techniques to the young students without using consumables, materials and with minimal health  and safety issues, convinced David it was the way to go.


The Weldability-Sif Foundation in partnership Goole College  has now installed four VirtUwelds (virtual welders) and eLearning stations in their classroom.  They have upgraded their existing welding bays with the most up to date equipment being supplied by Weldability-Sif including MIG 300E welding packages and a range of SIF consumables.



David Haycock

Head of School, Engineering Technologies, Hull College

This new facility allows us to provide training and technology that will address the skills shortage that exists within the area



With the new facilities at Goole - Hull College have also installed six sponsored Weldability-Sif Foundation welding bays, two Virtuwelds and a number of eLearning stations. As the Weldability-Sif Foundation runs a match funded program, Hull/Goole have enjoyed a 50% grant rebate on their investment.


Hull College and Goole College can see the outstanding benefits of the Weldability-Sif Foundation partnership for their local students in this re-emerging welding industry and addressing the huge shortage of welders in the UK.

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