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Comply with HSE regulations

Case Study: Fume extraction to comply with HSE regulations

A manufacturer of machine components already had mobile fume extraction units in place from other manufacturers, but not all the points in the factory were covered. These mobile extraction units were expensive to run due to the cost of the replacement filters. This manufacturer approached Extractability as they had previously purchased mobile ProtectoXtracts to add to their original mobile units finding they were more cost effective to run. Extractability were asked to provide a tailor made proposal to capture the stainless steel welding fume at source when they were creating a new welding section in the factory, this included two lathe welding systems and three fully enclosed welding booths.
The solution
Objective 1: To capture the stainless steel welding fumes and return clean air back into the workplace with a low ongoing cost.

Solution: Fixed ductwork to two supporting arms and three enclosed welding booths and all attached to a self cleaning Protecto EcoCube.

Objective 2: Cover the area where they have seven lathe welding systems.

Solution: Seven self-supporting extraction arms connected to a ductwork system, which was joined into an external mounted fan that vented to the atmosphere.

Objective 3: Provide fume extraction to the main welding system area, which consisted of seven hand welding processes and two fixed robotic welding systems.

Solution: Hand welding - self supporting extraction arms which capture the fumes at source. Robotic welders - direct connection to the booths. All extraction devices were linked by ductwork into a standalone self-cleaning ProtectoCube 11KW which recycled clean air back into the workplace.

Additional project 1: To provide extraction to four enclosed welding machines, which were linked into ductwork and connected into a ProtectoCube 5.5KW recycling clean air back into the workplace.

Additional project 2: To provide two self-supporting arms again into ductwork and then into a self-cleaning Protect

Continued support
All the systems are tested annually by Extractability and the performances are of high standards. So much so, that when air monitoring was carried out the personal and background levels in the welding areas were lower than 0.02mgs. Extractability took care of all the LEV through examination and testing not only on welding extraction systems but for all the customer’s other extraction systems already onsite. The manufacturer was so impressed by the efficiency, low operating costs of the products and the after sales service, that they will continue to choose Extractability for all their fume extraction solutions.

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