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SifVac brushless turbine motor for a continuous-rated, maintenance-free solution
SifVac is an ideal modular unit that can be modified or purpose-built for specific applications to support the extraction of fumes and dust directly at the source
A must for limited spaces that require a compact unit with a small footprint. When filtration efficiency is needed, the SifVac will return clean air back into the workplace.
230V, powered by a powerful single-phase motor
110V also available
Metal pre-filter stops sparks
All models feature an M-class filter for high efficiency
Integrated filter cleaning system removes the ongoing cost of filter disposal. The SifVac filter can be manually cleaned and the filtered material captured in a bin
Automatic stop/start available
Castors for easy manoeuvrability
Multiple configurations available including a twin motor unit for double operation and a brushless turbine motor for a continuous-rated, maintenance-free solution
Choice of 15 or 20 litre detachable dust collection containers
Optional brush kit (means SifVac can also be used as vacuum cleaner to clean up the workshop at the end of the day)
Suitable for use with the SifGun Fume Extraction Torch, a MIG Welding Torch with integrated extraction at the nozzle which eliminates the fumes before they enter the breathing zone.

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Part Num:EXTSVAC230C15Weight:30 kg
Category:FUME EXTRACTIONVoltage:n/a
View More:sifvacUnit:EACH
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