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Weldability Sif Training Courses

Weldability Sif Gas Inspection Courses
The modern-day climate of stringent Health & Safety Regulations, makes it more important than ever to ensure your Gas Equipment is in a safe working condition.
Weldability Sif have been providing a complete training and certification service to enable those with a basic understanding of the Oxy/Fuel Gas Welding process to inspect portable Oxy/Fuel cutting and welding gas equipment in accordance with the Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 and the British Compressed Gases Association Code of Practice 7 (BCGA CP7) and unlike other training providers, whose courses have to be refreshed annually, our course will certify you for 3 years!
With the Weldability Sif Gas Inspection Course, you will learn how to:
• Test equipment for functionality and safety
• Identify and replace non-compliant equipment
• Diagnose and prevent equipment problems
• Provide safe, compliant, leak-free installations
• Manage a 'tagging' process for annual inspections
Once qualified, you could provide a chargeable Gas Equipment Inspection Service and will have the knowledge to advise if replacement equipment is necessary and then supply, recouping your investment over just a few calls.
Upon passing the course, successful delegates will receive a certificate, identity card and a comprehensive inspection pack, including tool kit worth 85!
Already Certified?
We also run a 1-Day Refresher Course which covers those who have been certified to other schemes within the last 3 years, looking to renew their certification and convert to the Weldability Sif Scheme.
Successful candidates will receive:
The Compressed Gas Safety Passport and the EAL Certificate of Verified Achievement

For further information on course dates and fees, please see our dedicated training site: www.learn-to-weld.com

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