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 Acheson ceramishield Detection sprays
 Alvin products Gas fluxer
 Anti-spatter spray Markers

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A revolutionary protective ceramic coating spray that has been specifically designed to prolong tip and shroud life in industrial MIG fabrication and production applications. Provides a performance well beyond that of regular antispatter spray and helps to increase your productivity by reducing the downtime associated with tip and shroud changes. • Ceramishield-coated nozzles lasted more than twice as long as uncoated nozzles • In many applications, Ceramishield need only be • Applied once per shift removing the need for regular anti-spatter application • Removes the use of reaming stations. • Increased efficiency & torch parts savings. • Applied to jigs, fixtures & cables • Protect them from spatter adhesion.

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LAB METAL HI-TEMP 24oz (680g e). LAB METAL HI-TEMP 24oz (680g e)
• A ready-to-use, aluminum-filled, one-part metal repair putty, dent filler and patching compound. • A durable metal filler for fast, permanent repairs. • A unique, quality problem-solver, Lab-metal spreads like paste on any dry, clean metal, wood, glass, plaster, hard plastic or porcelain surface. • It hardens quickly into a durable, rustproof metal that can be chiseled, drilled, sawed, tapped, milled & machined. • Standard Lab Metal can withstand heat to as much as 350ฐF (176ฐC) and Hi-Temp Lab Metal will tolerate up to 1000ฐF (537ฐC). • Finished layer will not peel and can be painted or powder-coated. • Both can be mixed with Lab Solvent to form a paint consistency for brushing.

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HEAT BLOCK PASTE 12oz (340g e). HEAT BLOCK PASTE 12oz (340g e)
Heat Block is an insulation compound with unique heat-absorbing properties which insulates against heat transfer, preventing distortion to light gauge metals and protecting rubber and plastic components and painted or finished surfaces during soldering, brazing or welding. • It is easily removed by wiping with wet rags or running water. • Form on or around the surface of metal. • Non-toxic paste.

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This Jumbo marker holds three times more paint than other markers in our range! Its durable, wide nib delivers thick, heavy, permanent lines on almost any surface! Water, weather and fade resistant - suitable for both indoors and outdoors use. Featuring Pump Actionฎ Technology to stop the marker drying out, as well as a reversible nip for extended life. Colour: White

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Whether you're looking for helmets, regulators, or brazing rods, we have an extensive range of quality welding supplies, professional welding equipment and popular welding consumables available for same day despatch.


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