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 Electrodes - special Silver solder
 Fluxes Tig rods - aluminium
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 Mig welders Tig rods - mild steel
 Mig wire - low alloy Tig rods - nickel alloy
 Mig wire - mild steel Tig rods - stainless steel
 Pickling paste Tig rods - titanium
 Plasma cutters Tig torches - eco

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Original multi-purpose Sifbronze low temperature rod for brazing and bronze welding of steels, cast iron , copper and its alloys. Ideally suited for general mild steel work, galvanised steel and dissimilar metal applications. No Surcgarge and Includes FREE 500g Tub of SIFBRONZE flux.

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SIFALUMIN NO 15 4043A 2.4MM 2.5KG . SIFALUMIN NO 15 4043A 2.4MM 2.5KG
An Aluminium alloy with 5% silicon giving excellent flow characteristics and penetration. Suitable for welding duralumin, cast (LM25) and wrought alloys 6063 (H9), 6061 (H20) and 6082 (H30). Weld will discolour if anodised.

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SIFALUMIN NO 28 5183 1.6MM 2.5KG . SIFALUMIN NO 28 5183 1.6MM 2.5KG
Special aluminium alloy containing 5% Magnesium and 0.75% Manganese, for improved weld strength.

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SIFALUMIN NO 37 5556 3.2MM 1.0KG . SIFALUMIN NO 37 5556 3.2MM 1.0KG
Aluminium alloy containing 5.3% Magnesium: all elements are closely controlled for optimum weld strength. Normally used on 5083 (N8) and for military applications.

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