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Low-Temperature Aluminium Brazing With Sifalumin No16 And Sifbronze Aluminium Flux

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Over almost a century, the Sifbronze product range has become synonymous with low temperature, distortion-free brazing applications on steel, copper-alloys and aluminium. With the passing of time, Sif's range of brazing fluxes has undergone some changes, and now, with the advent of REACH and CLP legislation, the formulation of Sif's aluminium flux has been altered, to provide two specifically-tailored aluminium fluxes, with optimal melting-point ranges for brazing or welding applications.

The Sifbronze Type No36 Aluminium Flux FO360050 - once a popularly-specified flux grade - has been reintroduced to the Sif flux range to cater specifically for the higher melting-point range alloys popularly used in oxy/fuel aluminium welding, such as 'Pure' 1050A, Sifalumin No14 and 'Magnesium-Bearing' Alloys eg 5356, Sifalumin No27.

The Sifbronze Aluminium Flux FO140050 has been reformulated with specific characteristics for low-temperature brazing of 'silicon-bearing' alloys, such as 'Si12' 4047, Sifalumin No16 and 'Si5' 4043, Sifalumin No15. These applications are common in the aerospace, catering-equipment and window-frame manufacturing sectors, and provide specific challenges for low-temperature, distortion-free operation.

For more information on low-temperature aluminium brazing with Sif products, read our process guide here, or contact our technical support team on 0870 330 7757.