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Teaching TFL on the art of welding: Learn to Weld’s London Transport success
The construction of the London Underground is often considered an engineering marvel, but we often forget the little miracles that happen on a day to day basis. Case in point - the story of a group of Transport For London TFL maintenance engineers who jou...
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EEF Embraces the VR Revolution with Weldability Sif
Education is vital to the future of UK manufacturing, and leading the drive to plug the skills gap is UK welding products company Weldability Sif, who over the past 4 years have been diligently working to increase the number of welder training facilities ...
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Eastern Counties Branch of the Welding Institute Annual Golf Day 2016
For 30 years the Eastern Counties Branch of The Welding Institute has held an annual golf day with fifteen of them being held at the Bungay and Waveney Valley Golf Club. The weather was good while storms raged in the surrounding area. It was a good day to...
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Get into welding with Weldability Sif & The Princes Trust
Weldability Sif has been working in partnership with youth charity The Prince's Trust to deliver the first ever ‘Get Into Welding’ programme based in Hertfordshire. Ten young people aged 18 to 25 who are unemployed or facing barriers to employment were gi...
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West Herts College unveil new welder training facility
Weldability-Sif have opened of a new Foundation level welder training facility at West Herts College. This is part of the ongoing strategy from the Weldability-Sif Foundation Charity to pro-actively encourage the development of new welder training facilit...
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Download the new Extractability Catalogue
Extractability - a division of Weldability Sif has launched a new catalogue showcasing a range of complete extraction solutions for dust, fume and vapours. The catalogue has been produced to act as a practical reference document and an inspiring guide to...
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