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Weldability Sif Technical Knowledge Database

Welcome to the Weldability Sif Technical Knowledge Database. We answer many technical questions daily in assisting customers with selecting and using our products in their applications. You can search these questions using the box below, to find the answers you seek.

A selection of popular questions and their answers:

A. Material can be welded using Sifsteel HF6

A. Material can be welded using Sif 555 Al Solder

A. Material can be welded using Sifsilcopper No.985

A. Depending on the physical size of the components the type of brass involved and the final use of the item being brazed there is more than one option for these types of application Sifbronze No.1 Sifbronze No.101 or SIF Silver Solder can be used for joining these materials together. Remember to apply the correct flux for the product chosen.

A. Materials can be joined using Sifalbronze No.32

A. Rod to use would be SIFBRONZE No.101.This is a special brazing rod containing specific additions of Manganese and Tin,giving it free flowing characteristics.

A. Rod to use would be Sifbronze No.2 with ToolTip/Braze Stainless Flux

A. With this material we would recommend brazing with the Oxy/Acet proess using Sifbronze No.1 or Silver soldered using Sif Silver Solder No. 43 dependant on the application being carried ou.

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